Why do I love doing what I do?

October 7, 2017

I love doing what I do, quite simply because it entices and allows me to be in my flow of vibrant creativity that I feel I was put on this planet to be and do. I feel a strong pull to what I do and it comes so naturally.

I began creating from a very early age whether it was through making sculptures, painting in oils, wrapping professionally at Penhaligons and even tidying my room each day, I feel all those things contributed to my unique approach to interior design and styling. I must be honest that even putting the labels of “interior designer” and “stylist” on myself doesn’t feel right somehow – it’s more a basic description to what I “do”…but there is so much more to it.


I see Interior Design as the “figuring out” stage of my process; what does someone’s home really mean to them? What do they adore doing on a daily basis? How do they feel right now and how or what would they desire to feel?


From this I gather a unique set of information about that person (or sometimes a couple) and from that I design and create. I design something that will transform their lives! And this is not to be understated.


So not only do I love being in the flow, but I adore how unique every person is that I work with and the way they lead their lives. It’s so important to me to understand the things that might be blocking them from living to their full potential, because of their environment. I can pinpoint those blocks usually within an hour or less of meeting a person and realisations can be transformative for them.

I can never pre-plan my sessions (something I tried to do early on) because they’re so organic and unique to each person, and that excites me!


To then produce a solution for their homes and incorporate their lifestyles is the most magical part. I instinctively know what will enhance their daily experience. To most people they won’t understand why or how the changes have made such a difference, which is why I always teach my clients as I go along.


I arm my clients with the skills they need to take their lifestyle design forward into their futures, so when they come to update their homes or move, they know exactly what to do AND more importantly they know WHY they’re doing it.

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