What’s in my bedroom?

November 8, 2011

Last week  Olivia Howitt paid me and my bedroom a visit. What’s in your bedroom “is a collector of places, people, their bedrooms and objects”.

She began by asking me general questions about when I had moved here and what I did for a living. We then went on to talk about my bedroom and what it meant to me. I found myself opening up quite alot about my life and the memories attached to certain objects cheap cialis online that maybe I hadn’t previously realised had such meaning. I don’t like to think that objects can hold you down but I must admit that moving house is never a small feat for me.

It also confirmed that I do use my bedroom as my “canvas” if you like, and I tend to experiment with small clusters of objects and then take a step back and look at it as a whole. I think a person’s bedroom says a great deal about their personality, what they hold close to their hearts and how they like to relax. As our bedrooms are very private places we should be able to express ourselves whether that means scattering our favourite pictures all over the walls or having copious amounts of blankets to make a den. I must confess that my room is not always this tidy and… I bought those flowers myself. Ahem!

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