What are my most important design principles?

October 7, 2017

The most important principle of all when I’m designing is that my client understands and is committed to the process entirely. Going off piste just doesn’t work out well, as fun as it may sound..

They will be involved throughout – this is so that they understand exactly why each thing is either chosen to be in their lives and why we need to remove some items. (in most cases – a lot of items)

I’d like to show you process as this may help you to understand the importance of being engaged and committed.


Remove and clear – make way for your new lifestyle.

This includes sessions where we look at your attachments to things, where the connection comes from and whether or not it’s healthy. We establish if it’s important to bring each item with you into your exciting new lifestyle!


Create – focusing on what sets you alight and fills you with passion and joy! (yes, we go there)

Feeling textures, smelling scents, connecting to your space, talking about your ideal day with no limits! Really truly seeing the vibrancy in colours and how you connect to them on an emotional level.


Connection – realisation that you can have all that you desire.

A home and lifestyle that supports you, helps you to be healthy, feeds your soul and maintains present moment awareness. Your home is clear, as is your mind. Everything in your home brings you joy and stimulates your senses.

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