Wearing my brand

February 27, 2017

I’ve never been one to shout about myself, which isn’t a good thing when you’re running a business. Promoting, networking and sales can be an exhausting process but it’s essential if you want to actually grow.

Having exhausted my nearest and dearest’s encouraging words and high fives, I was contacted by a local Brighton company who were offering me branded goodies. Printsome.com provide all sorts of branded items, including long sleeved tops and hoodies.

I spoke to Jorge who was incredibly helpful (thanks Jorge!). All I had to do was specify what I would like and on which colour and then send them my logo. From design to delivery was only a matter of days and I felt very excited opening up the package to reveal my branded tops.

As you probably know by now I adore grey, so that became my background colour, then I added my logo in white, which is subtle but not invisible. Just incase you can’t see it, I’ve pointed it out for you below.

I’ve strangely found that wearing my brand has somehow made me feel more “on brand” while I work. I promise I’m not going to be permanently in a hoody, (though I would love to be) but it’s made me really think about the importance of what I wear as an interior designer and how it affects not only the way I come across to others, but also how I feel in myself.

A few of my friends already want one…someone went as far as to pinch one of my hoodies, (you know who you are) but little do they know they’re my EDIT walking branding.

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