Home Design – Verity & Simon

September 28, 2015

Verity and Simon have been living together for a number of years and have just decided to buy a house together. They came to me for advice on merging both of their styles which are rather different. Investing in new pieces that they would love for many years is very important to them both and provides a sense of togetherness.

After the excitement of buying our first home together my boyfriend and I were hit with the enormity of filling it with furniture and making it feel like a home. We were faced with numerous challenges, a small living space, limited budget and biggest of all our totally contrasting tastes.
Liz was a saviour; working with us separately she took the time to understand our individual personalities so she could successfully create a unique vision, which we both loved.
Liz provided not only inspiration but also practical advice, she talked us though each room and helped us create a prioritisation list of what buy. With her industry experience and insider knowledge she was able to share great cost saving hacks and quick win ideas.
Best of all Liz has helped us create a space that makes us feel happy and calm. Already both of us have felt positive effects from her easy to implement ideas. We have been able to create a home quickly, within budget and best of all without arguing! I couldn’t recommend her services enough!

I was worried about Verity’s love of neon and random trends making our new flat into an Aladdin’s cave of clash – amazingly Liz managed to curb her erratic buying and also present ideas that we both liked. With Liz’s guidance we have created a really fantastic living space, which is calming escape from the world and with no neon in sight!

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