The healthy home series – starting with the best, vacuum, ever!

October 20, 2017

It’s not often I’m sucked in by a home device, or squealing in delight and awe. But when you’ve just moved house within a restricted time limit and spent hours cleaning and checking everything, things get a little zany.

The Shark cordless vacuum saved me in many ways when we first arrived in our new home. (not a sentence I ever thought I’d write)

It arrived with my kind neighbours whilst I lifted and moved boxes to and from each house. I collected it that evening and opened it up like a gift, well it was a gift (thank you Shark)

It has headlights!

Yes, yes it does. But let’s get back to the point of this series – the healthy home. As most of us know, no matter how much you tidy up, a tidy house isn’t a clean house.

Removing deeply ingrained dirt from the carpets, cobwebs and dust from curtains and bits of food accidentally dropped in the kitchen, can be the difference between a spider and mouse invasion or a clean pest free home.

When I first used the vacuum, the initial excitement of the headlights distracted me from the terrifying (yet exciting) amount of dust that had already filled the vacuum in about 2 minutes. A home that appeared clean had some deeply set dust and all sorts of other things going on in the carpets. Gross! The kind of gross problem solving I find highly satisfying…

When the vacuum is on the carpet setting it literally pulls you along while pulling up the dirt, all you need to do is steer – rather like driving a car, if you can’t afford one but miss the thrill. You can then switch it to hard floors at a touch of a button, which makes me feel incredibly cool – no need to stop and adjust thankyou, I’ll just flow right on into the next room. Don’t mind me.

Another brilliant feature is when you detach what looks like a power drill – steady boys and girls! It’s sexy.

You then have a wealth of attachments to play with, including one which is the exact width for stairs. (no more lugging up a huge vacuum or fiddling about with attachments that are too small – we’ve all been there)

There’s a pet one for hairs that become part of the furniture, also some super handy soft brushes that work well on fabrics and areas you need to be a bit more delicate with.

The attachments have made me desire to have a pet I can scare with the pet attachment and a home with stairs, so I can prove a point.

There are two battery packs (no cords) so you can charge one while the other is in use. When you lock and load the battery packs it feels like loading a gun with a HUGE cartridge. Very, very cool. (actual guns – not cool)

Once you’re done, it all folds away nice and neatly -I imagine the Shark vacuum would be an excellent yoga student.

You can find out the full info here, but for now, you’ll find me locking, loading and turning on my headlights.

I can 100% say I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner, they have payment plans too so you don’t need to have spare cash lying around. If you did I’m sure you wouldn’t decide to spend it on a vacuum… although having experienced it now, I actually would.

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