The edited office

January 15, 2016

Blogging on a train is one of my favourite things; watching the fields whizz by and wearing my sunglasses (appearing totally mysterious) as the sun flickers on my face. Funny how our “office” can be almost anywhere these days.

office, working from home, home office, interior design, interiors, desk, chair

As we crack on with our final EDIT in this series, it will be the most detailed of all.

As I mentioned back in December I made a big move on all accounts, from a 9-5 in an office to working from home. The change has been drastic to say the least, but after two weeks I’ve almost adjusted.

office, working from home, home office, interior design, interiors, desk, chair, london
Your home office can be the trickiest area to not blur the boundaries, you may find yourself eating, watching films, being distracted by social media or even sleeping in said office.

It’s vital to define the rules of your home office right from the start, so that behavioural patterns and habits don’t have the chance to set in.  

  1. Look after yourself – ensure you sit in a comfortable and supportive chair, paying attention to your posture. A little pot containing lip salve, hand cream and any other little treats will remind you to look after your skin too.
  2. When you’re working from home, you don’t necessarily need to heat the entire house. I’ve found it useful to just heat the room I’m in and pop a blanket over my lap if I get a bit chilly.
  3. It’s always good to have some sort of pen pot. Whatever your profession, a pen and paper to write, sketch, doodle or jot down that brilliant idea, will enable you to be more creative. Being on a computer all day can affect the connection between your brain and hand function, meaning that you might not be as engaged with tasks as you’d like.
  4. Scheduling your day from the moment you wake up reminds you that you do have a boss – YOU. You can either enter things into your online calendar (I always use Google calendar and sync it with my phone) or write down a summary of daily tasks on a notepad.
  5. Encouraging quotes might seem a little contrived in the first instance, I was put off them for some time. However, my mum gave me a little postcard which simply reads “be fearless”. Each time I’m feeling the fear, I look up at it, it prompts my mind back into a positive frame and I push forward.
  6. When you’re alone for long periods of time, potentially staring at a blank wall or out of the same window each day, it’s good to be able to set eyes on a natural form from time to time. Plants are a soothing addition to any room, but most so in an office space where everything can feel a bit sterile and techy.

office, working from home, home office, interior design, interiors, desk, chair
In summary it’s best to look at your home office as a whole and then focus on the details to make it work for you. The benefit of working from home is that you can design your workspace to suit only you.
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and that you find some time to edit your life.

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