The edited kitchen

January 6, 2016

The things I keep in my kitchen that I never use are roughly at the 50% mark, that’s a lot of unused clutter.
Much like my wardrobe, I’ve had a major edit and am only holding on to the things I use most.

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Lack of cupboard space has meant I’ve not been able to shove things to the back and forget about them, however open shelving should only really have useful or pretty things displayed.

As it’s 2016, 6 just seems like a good amount for these edit lists, so I’ll just keep going with that.

  1. Using the same process as your wardrobe take everything out of the kitchen cupboards, drawers and off the shelves and lay it on a table.Iit might be best to approach this one area at a time.
  2. Next take all of your dry goods out and put them in a box, check all of the use by dates and do a thorough clear out. I like to use jars for easy access, the Ikea ones are great with the white rubber seal. I fill them with green lentils, quinoa, granola – all the good stuff on hand.
  3. Do the same with your fridge. Freeze anything that you can, if you notice there’s too much veg and you’re not sure you’ll finish it, pop it all in a big pot and whizz it up to make a soup, then label and freeze. Your freezer will become your personal chef for trickier nights when you just can’t face cooking.
  4. Go through each electrical item, how often do you use it? Could it be stored in a cupboard? I used my nutribullet every day (or at least try to) it’s pretty inoffensive looking and it serves as a reminder.
  5. Next check all your crockery, are there any chips or cracks that just look bad? get rid. I love to have a real mixture of crockery, there’s no need to have a perfect matching set.
  6. My cutlery always tended to have random plastic spoons or old chopsticks from takeaways, recycle those bits. If you find that a lot of your cutlery is cheap or just very old, either treat yourself to a new small set or if it’s old get some baking soda, foil and a boiling pan to easily shine it all up again.

kitchen, organisation, home, interiors, interior design, edit, minimalism

If you can’t bear to do the whole kitchen at once, try one step per day and by the end of the week your kitchen will be ace!

All images can be found on my Pinterest board – Kitchen