The edited bathroom

January 13, 2016

Yep, I’m going to tell you to do it again…take everything out of your bathroom, this includes all toiletries, towels, everything.

Give the entire bathroom a proper scrub down and while it’s drying, sort through your stuff in another room or the hall. Here’s what to focus on:

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  1. Invest in some posh hand wash or a scented soap; you can decant the handwash into a fancy pump and put your soaps on a tea set dish. By doing this not only you, but your guests get lovely smelling digits. How many times have you been impressed by nice hand wash in pubs? Well I have…they knock it out of the park when they introduce handcream.
  2. An extra large mirror wherever possible is brilliant, because not only do you see your lovely self, but as bathrooms are notoriously small, by adding in a large mirror you introduce the illusion of extra space. Magic.
  3. You know that towel that hangs all crispy and slightly stained on the rail?, you’ve had it for years and can remember using it at home as a child. Well I’m sorry to say it’s time to get rid (or use it as some sort of cleaning rag) and treat yourself to a brand new towel set. Not only will you feel all fluffy and special, but your bathroom will look so much better for it.
  4. One large factor that can ruin a bathroom’s appearance is the shower curtain. Either put it through the wash or invest in a new one, you can get a new curtain for less than a fiver.
  5. Have a little stash of candles and/or tea lights under your sink, so they’re readily available for your “spa days” at home.
  6. Anything in or around your shower and bath should stay in a cupboard unless they’re good looking. Alternatively if you have no place to put them other than in the shower, ensure they are only the essential items for each use. If you’re feeling a bit extra you can always decant your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into pump bottles.

bathroom, edit, minimalist, shower, home, interior design, interiors, top tips

I can assure you that by making these simple edits each week, you’ll find your home a much more pleasurable place to be, whilst being able to pat yourself on the back every so often as you become the master of your home.

All images are my own and can be found on my Pinterest board – Bathroom