The edit professional wrapping guide

December 16, 2016

Not many people can say they’re a professional wrapper and not earning millions from it. However, I am the exception.

At the tender age of 16 I worked during Christmas at Penhaligons shops in Mayfair, Burlington Arcade, Covent Garden and Kensington. With the flurry of rich people barking perfume orders at me, I became a dab hand at wrapping gifts without even having to look at my hands.

I was trained during the summer by a wonderful French lady who used to open the storeroom door to fart into. Quite the character and rather considerate too.

By Christmas I could gift wrap a cat.

Since then, each and every year I’ve used my skills to create awe inspiring wrapping, my favourite moment is when they realise there’s no tape – such glee in their eyes.

So I’ve decided to impart my wisdom to you with a step by step guide to professional wrapping.


  1. Keep it simple
  2. No tape
  3. Use elbows when necessary


  1. Start with a clear deck, you’ll need fairly stiff/thick wrapping paper (if possible) scissors, ribbon or string and any decorative additions or tags. The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  2. Place your gift on the paper and pull over one side to the centre of the object, then the other, with a bit extra. Cut. 
  3. Fold the longer edge over to create a neat edge
  4. Pull the bottom edge up half way on your object, then the top edge half way and make a cut.
  5. All edges should now roughly meet halfway up the sides of your giftThe EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  6. Hold tight!
  7. At one end of the gift pleat down the two corners using your fore and middle fingers (this takes some practice as you need the hold the top together at the same time) The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  8. Then fold the two corners inwards, hopefully creating perfect triangled edges
  9. Pull the bottom up to meet the two corners
  10. Flip the gift onto its bottom (this is also a tricky bit, but you need the table to hold your edges in place) The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  11. Do the same pleating process on the other end of your giftThe EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  12. Lay the gift flat so that your two end flaps are facing downwards and you can hold them down with your fingers The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  13. Grab your string or ribbon and measure the gift at it’s longest part 6 times, then cut. The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  14. Pull the string tight over the longest edge, flip the gift over (your string should hold your ends in) The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  15. Bring the string together on the other side, spin your gift 180 degrees, then pull the string down and around and flip the gift back over The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  16. Thread both ends of the string under the central piece and then spin your gift again The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  17. Tie a couple of knots and then a bow The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide
  18. Add any accessories such as pine sprigs, gift tags, tiny pegs awww, stamps or bells The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide

So there you have it, you’re now a professional wrapper! The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide

My boss has decided it’s Christmas already (that’s me) so she’s giving me the rest of the year off, isn’t she kind?

I’m off to the Lake District for 4 nights reviewing hotels (tough), so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry, sparkly, cheerful, happy Christmas! 

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The EDIT Christmas wrapping guide