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The importance of plants in your office

May 20, 2016

elizabethdanon.co.uk succulent close up

Over the years I’ve worked in many offices, from media companies to architects studios.

On my desk I gradually built up a jungle fortress. It started with a chilli plant, which I harvested at lunchtimes for my salad. Cue weird ... Read More...

6 steps to using CBT at home

May 11, 2016

CBT at home

This is going to be a long one, but you’re worth it. Grab a cuppa full of what you love.

Comfy? Then I’ll begin….

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself at the start of this year, I was ... Read More...

The edited wardrobe

January 4, 2016

wardrobe, organisation, wardrobe organisation, edit your life, edit, interior design, interior therapy, minimalist

The new year signifies a fresh start for most of us, giving us the chance to clear out the old and focus on the new.
During my house move I noticed that my wardrobe was full of clothes that I
...

Spring Clean Part 1: Bedroom

April 1, 2015

interior design, minimalism, home, interiors, monochrome, spring clean, elizabethdanon.co.uk

My wonderful ruthless friend has done it, she’s made me part with clothes I’ve carried from home to home over the past decade, some were pre-year 2000, oh the shame.
I’ve attached some sentimental value to clothes, mainly t-shirts, one ... Read More...