Spring Clean Part 5: Office

July 1, 2015

I have written previous posts about how to set up the perfect home office and how it can be created to ensure an inspiring atmosphere. I tend to find I stray from my desk to the dining table where I can see the TV and be distracted by various duties that I must do then and there, such as water the plants, put on a wash… the possibilities are endless.

office design, interiors, interior design, white, grey

When I finally discipline myself to sit at my desk I do actually get things done so much quicker, the only distraction I have is the view out of the window and our 12 pet pigeons, who tend to fight or mate, I’ve seen it enough times. I’ve broken up fights on my window sills and stopped pesky big chested males circling the poor lady pigeons. What can I say, I do my bit for the bird community.

office design, interiors, interior design, white, grey

My current office set up is a small extendable dining table which I found in Shabitat in Brighton many moons ago, I still love it dearly and it has hosted many a dinner party.
My seating is an old church chair (from the Brompton Oratory Church) with a sheepskin rug thrown over, super casually, it looks so darn good and is very comfortable indeed.
The light is a laser cut wooden giant bulb which can be either laid on it’s side or put upright. I’ve loved this lamp for many years as it gives out a waffled effect that is both calming and interesting.

office design, interiors, interior design, cork

This is where it gets a bit ca-ra-zy – I have loads of paints, canvases, books, stationery and many other bits and bobs that I am not willing to part with. I also have the boring paperwork that I have tp keep, but that’s alright as I have some nice white box files. All of the little bits are organised into little drawers and for once I actually now know where everything is. Ask me where the RSVP stamp is, I dare you.

office design, interiors, interior design, white, grey

The main advice I can give you here with your office is to make it work for how you feel most comfortable working. They say clear desk clear mind, but there is now evidence that a messy environment can aid creativity; this makes sense especially if you’re painting or brainstorming as you don’t want to feel restricted.

office design, interiors, interior design, white,

At the end of each day ensure that you shut down and tidy away where possible so that you feel physically and mentally free for the evening. In terms of spring cleaning this should be a daily exercise where you recycle old papers (scan them if you can just store an electronic copy) and clean out drawers of things you know you’ll never need again.

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