Spring Clean Part 4: Bathroom

June 29, 2015

I have been given the grace of the British weather by being able to pretend that it is still currently spring and therefore I can squeeze in the two final parts of my Spring clean series! In your face seasons. Though I do write this from the villa poolside of a much needed holiday in Menorca, so I actually have no idea what the weather is like but lets just act like it’s spring. (though since posting this I’ve realised we’re having a heat wave, better get cracking!)

Round bathroom mirror

So onto the bathroom we go and it is quite the disgrace; hoards of teeny bottles I’ve nabbed from various hotels knowing full well that my stock is up and that I can’t possibly squeeze anymore into my bulging cupboards and drawers.

Here’s where I get particularly ruthless and with a penchant for mini things I have to be tough. Gone are the 4 year old lip balms, I counted 10… all different varieties mind you for different lip softness levels, I presume?


The one thing that I cannot bear to part with is the New York Waldorf Astoria hotel shower cap that I pinched from the bathroom whilst on a university trip all the way back in 2005, the trip that introduced me to a city more mad than London.

Silly as this may seem to hold onto such ridiculous items, the memories attached are too fun. Maybe I’ll box frame it one day, but lets just say I won’t be crying over a shower cap if we have a fire.


As always, I digress. Onto helping you sort out your bathrooms.

Beginning with the drawers is best, tip absolutely everything out and only put back in what you have used in the last month, possibly waxing strips (shudder) and such like. Throw away all free miniatures (if I did it then so can you) bar one set that you can take away with you. But be honest with yourself, where do you normally go that doesn’t have shower gel, shampoo etc.? Enjoy that stuff while you’re there, live in the moment and “hashtag” be present. Now slide those drawers back in with a satisfied smile.

Where possible only keep things out of cupboards and drawers that you absolutely need on a daily basis.

black and white

To organize the innards of my cupboard I bought some cute stripey baskets from Tiger (I couldn’t be happier that a store has opened in Angel!). Within these little treat boxes I have cotton wool pads, in different sizes, cotton buds, special creams, potions and lotions. It gives the illusion that you’re working in a spa as your very own beautician.

Once you’ve organised these bits you can move onto the overall scheme of your bathroom. The essential items that make a relaxing bathroom are a thick cosy bath mat, egyptian cotton towels, a few plants (they love the moisture) and some candles.


I like to have something to look at whilst in the bath or sat somewhere else I won’t mention, so I choose pieces of art or photography that I can gaze at. I currently have a Bill Brandt nude which I’ve had up in various rooms since I visited the exhibition at the V&A in 2004. I also have a cheeky little framed card from Oliver Bonas behind the loo which hopefully gives some people a chuckle – mainly boys.

Cleaning products should stay under the kitchen sink, no-one needs to see that, plus you don’t want to ruin your beauty cupboard with a big bottle’o’Cif now do you?

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