Spring clean – part 3

March 10, 2017

The good news is that if you’ve followed the guides in part 1 and 2, you’re through the toughest bit! Well done you.

If you haven’t, I suggest you start at the beginning as the idea behind all of this is that you get decluttered for life, so that you’re doing less tidying every single day and each year when you come to your spring clean it will be a piece of piss (as they say).

De-cluttering and spring cleaning with EDIT

When I work with clients the kitchen can be the most difficult in terms of volume of stuff but also the easiest, because generally people don’t feel too attached to wooden spoons or tupperware…

Find the full guide here: The edited kitchen

Keep dining areas clear of all junk, this should be an open airy space to enjoy your food fully and also guests! I try to eat at the table for every meal, this means it becomes a time to relax and enjoy my food and not stress eating at a desk. The dining area is also somewhere you can be a bit more flamboyant with your decoration, so invest in beautiful wallpaper, mirrors and dine ware too.  As I said before, make sure you don’t get tempted to fill any sideboards or drawers with items that have no use in a dining area.

Do you work from home or have a studio? Then the final step in this process is your office organisation. Work should always be separated from home life where possible, which is why we’re addressing this area last.

Check out the guide here: The edited office


If you’d like some help with spring cleaning, decluttering and/or interior design, drop me a line at edit@elizabethdanon.co.uk and we’ll talk through what you need and what I can do for you. All initial consultations are no obligation and completely free of charge! What’s not to like?

Unsure of whether EDIT is right for you? From expectant parents to those living alone in small homes, check out what some of my satisfied clients are saying here.

If you’re not in the local Brighton and Hove area, I provide complete interior design services online which you can find here.

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