Spring Clean Part 1: Bedroom

April 1, 2015

My wonderful ruthless friend has done it, she’s made me part with clothes I’ve carried from home to home over the past decade, some were pre-year 2000, oh the shame.
I’ve attached some sentimental value to clothes, mainly t-shirts, one of which is a Cave In top – the first band I ever saw, another one brought from America which has an image of a sausage laying in a bun with a speech bubble saying “I love buns, I can’t help it!” I felt I was being rather good at chucking stuff out, until I came across these two blasts from the past, and then I had an idea, why not mount the t-shirts on card and frame them? That way I can always peek at my memories, a bit like old framed records. I’ll let you know how that goes in addition to my ever growing craft task list…

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Unless you have a walk in wardrobe separate to your bedroom, the bulk component of your room will be your clothes, shoes and jewellery. Although I like the idea of having my clothes on display, if they were nice enough, I do prefer to have them hidden in slick wardrobes, it helps create sense of calm. (this is not my wardrobe, who has that much animal print?)

We recently bought two new wardrobes which are super simple and sleek. The current contents of my wardrobe are just fine, the stuff I went through with my friend was clogging up my store room.
In my wardrobe I have one area dedicated to full length items, for the ever so lanky yours truly, the other side hangs my special tops, skirts, blazers and jumpers. The top has a shelf where my jewellery, belts, scarves, nail varnishes and hair bits go, these are all in individual boxes.

In the four drawers I have:
1. socks and pants all individually rolled
2. bras stacked inside each other
3. vest tops and t-shirts rolled
4. jeans and leggings rolled

Notice the pattern? Individually rolling items means that you can see easily what’s what, rather than rummaging through piles, also you fit a lot more in. The same should apply for packing a holiday suitcase.
Some people might think I’m obsessive about tidying and cleaning, they’re right – reason being, once all your things are in order, that’s it, you don’t have to keep having huge clear outs and you just know where everything is. Magic.

bedroom, bed, interior design

Lets move on to the bed. It needs to be made every morning, I feel your eyes rolling but don’t get lazy about this, I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re over 18. It takes seconds to do and means you can get ready without battling the covers and losing socks in between the creases. If you have space under the bed for storage, you should only store bed linen and towels. Don’t put any old tat under there as it can cause stress and bad nights sleep as your sub concious knows its there. Although its possible that only my nightmares consist of messy drawers and unclean worktops.

bedside table, lamp, interior design

Your bedside tables should only host a lamp, a couple of books and your alarm clock, nothing more (possibly a plant and candle too, but who has a coffee table by their bed?). If it has a drawer then make sure the contents are tidy and useful, things like old receipts and ticket stubs should be left in your office area/ in a file somewhere.

Walls should be painted a calm colour, as much as pumped up red might seem like a good idea at the time, it really isn’t. Red will stimulate your mind just before bed, I wont go into body stimulation but  I can assure you that red will have nothing to do with it.

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Most important of all is your mindset; a bedroom is a place to relax and wind down, when you enter that space, leave all your stresses behind you. It’s a place where you can snuggle up and breathe deeply.  I am guilty of using my phone as an alarm and I do end up surfing Instagram and Pinterest for at least an hour whilst lying in bed – not good!
So please join me in my wind-down quest and lets lock up our phones till morning and get the best beauty sleep we’ve ever had in our little nests.

All images can be found on my Pinterest boards  take a peek for oodles of inspiration.