Space Styling

Enabling you to live the rest of your life with your unique style, transferrable to anywhere you live in the future. Couples can enjoy a harmonious life where styles are combined seamlessly.

The benefits of space styling are making use of your existing furniture and items, planning them in a way that suits the rooms, giving you optimum comfort, space and function. Finding your unique style and learning about colours, patterns and texture, ensuring your home appeals to all your senses.


  • Initial session where we go through specific questions about what you love in your home. We will establish where in your home you’d most like styling (if you book any package, this is covered in your complimentary session)
  • Visualising session where we look at imagery that you enjoy and select certain looks that you love.
  • Colour, texture and pattern consultation where we draw from our knowledge in the initial session, a fun experience where we experiment with design elements.
  • Space planning session where we look at the amount of space you have and the types of layout that will serve you best.
  • If you choose package 2 there will be an inspirational sensory shopping trip, you don’t buy anything on these trips, we just get in touch with your senses.
  • You will receive a vision board of your chosen room/ rooms, a personal styling guide, and a shopping list of items.
  • The styling session involves arranging your chosen room/rooms and adding in the elements you’ve bought, or make space for them for when they arrive.
  • Further sessions can be booked if you’d like more rooms styled.


Each session is 2 hours (minimum 4 sessions)

Package 1


4 sessions


  • Initial consultation
  • Visualising session
  • Colour, texture and pattern consultation
  • Vision board of chosen room
  • Space planning session
  • Styling session
  • Personal styling guide
  • Shopping list of items

Package 2


8 sessions

  • Initial consultation
  • Visualising session
  • Colour, texture and pattern consultation
  • Vision board of 3 rooms
  • Space planning session for 3 rooms
  • Inspirational shopping trip
  • Style guide
  • Vision board of rooms
  • Shopping list of items
  • Styling sessions for 3 rooms
  • Personal styling guide

Sessions are held on a weekly basis, weekdays between the hours of 10am – 8pm

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