Space Clearing

Space clearing (also known as decluttering) allows for the good to flow into your life.

Space clearing is a permanent exercise where I teach you the methods to enable and empower you to live a clear life at home.

The benefits of space clearing are that everything has a place, you only have what you love and use regularly, your home is spacious and organised, you have more energy and a happier daily lifestyle where your home supports you.


  • Initial consultation where we go through specific questions about what you love in your home. We will establish where in your home needs the most attention and organisation.(if you book any package, this is covered in your complimentary session)
  • Space clearing session where we begin with your wardrobe.
    Clothes tend to have the most meaning as we wear them everyday, it also serves as a window into your personal style.
  • Space clearing session where we focus on one room, could be your bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen.
  • Space clearing session where we focus on key areas, for example the understairs cupboard, bedroom drawers, bathroom cabinets.
  • You will receive a decluttering strategy which will outline a simple set of tasks that you can choose to complete yourself in 2 hour segments. There will be a timeline. I’ll also add a list of any personal recommendations for organising items, such as boxes, hangers and shelving.
  • Some of my clients like to add on an extra session at this point to help them clear one of the larger rooms together, but if you feel you can do it alone by then that’s great! My strategy will enable you to do so, but there’s always a helping hand if you need it.


Each session is 2 hours (minimum 4 sessions)

Package 1


4 sessions


  • Initial consultation
  • Wardrobe clearing
  • Clearing of 2 rooms
  • Clearing of 2 areas
  • Clearing strategy
  • List of organisational items

Package 2


8 sessions


  • Initial consultation
  • Wardrobe clearing  (including folding techniques)
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Dining Room
  • Cupboards (under stairs, laundry, hallway)
  • Clearing strategy
  • List of organisational items

Once you have your space cleared, you have the option of adding on some space styling sessions.
If you’d like more clearing sessions, all are flexible and if you’d rather combine clearing and styling, I can organise this for you. All of this is decided during your complimentary session.

Sessions are held on a weekly basis either in your home or over Skype, weekdays between the hours of 10am – 8pm