My 90 minute morning routine to set you up for the day

February 8, 2017

I don’t know about you but in all my 33 years, I haven’t quite nailed my morning routine. As a teenager I was an excellent sleeper, regularly sleeping through my alarm and having to dash out of the door with a grumbling tummy. This extended into my 30s where I would wake up and instantly hate the day ahead before it had even had a chance to woo me. I now realise this was down to my negative mindset and lack of routine. OK so I’m being a bit harsh on myself – I really didn’t like my job at the time or general life situation and I had a lot of toxic build up.

I had never thought to treat my mornings as a ritual to bring out the very best of me each day, but over the years I’ve realised that I need routine and reward to enable my happy and creative self to flow.

My morning routine - EDIT

I’m sharing my morning routine with you, to help you nail yours. It’s life changing when you’ve managed it a few days in a row, not to mention weeks. You’ll be better at your work, more focused, less stressed and a great deal happier and satisfied with your days. Adding an element of overall gratefulness and present moment awareness really helps, and you may find that by using this routine it just happens naturally.

Try this:

If you’re not used to getting up early, start by setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier each day until you reach your desired wake up time.


  • Stretch out as big as possible, this will enable you to feel happier from the moment you wake up, you’re more likely to feel depressed if you curl up or make yourself small.
  • Make your bed – this signals a fresh and organised start to the day.
  • Brush teeth straight away, apparently best to do before you consume anything.
  • Cup of honey and lemon or a pint of water, this gets your system woken up.
  • Throw on some work out gear. (do not bother with make-up ladies and gents, you need that fresh air on your face)
  • Do a few stretches at home so you don’t feel like a pillock lunging down the street.


  • Walk to the beach or park to get yourself slowly warmed up. Getting outside soon after the moment you wake up is important, you feel more alive and on top of your day, especially if you work from home.
  • Run for 10 minutes,paying attention to the nature around you, walk back home to cool down.
  • If you don’t have a park/beach nearby use an online HIIT at home for 20 mins. Joe Wicks is ace, plus he sort of pretends to be tired and aching too throughout which makes you feel like you’re actually doing ok! Try out this beginners one, it’s tough but gives you results super quick: 20 minute HIIT workout.

My morning routine - EDIT


  • When you get back home drink a pint of water, then do 5 minutes of stretches,yoga and/or weights. If you generally prefer yoga, try out yoga with adriene she’s bloody funny and doesn’t push all the spiritual stuff.


  • Do the daily 10 minutes meditation on the calm app or write down 3 things you’re grateful for today whilst lighting a candle. I’ve subscribed to the calm app which I think is roughly £45 for the whole year. It gives you a daily calm, loads of night time stories if you find it tough getting to sleep and a selection of programs to choose from, such as reducing stress and improving concentration. I sometimes make this the first thing I use when I wake up and just sit in bed with it.

My morning routine - EDIT


  • Shower using products that stimulate and relax, for example either citrus or lavender, depending on what you like. For Christmas I received the Elle MacPherson body set which has the most awesome rotating face brush attachment, I use this each morning to buff my face and it gives me the most awesome natural glow – especially post-run!

My morning routine - EDIT


  • Dress in power mode (clothes that make you feel good), apply minimal make up as you’ll have a natural glow from your workout and a natural smile from how good you feel!


  • Make a nutritious breakfast of 3 egg omelette using coconut oil, salt and pepper, (eggs are a great source of vitamin D, also mood boosting vitamin B!) I add coriander and cherry tomatoes sprinkled on top.
  • Then a smoothie of frozen berries (much cheaper than fresh and just as good, if not better as it makes your smoothie gorgeously cool), Greek yoghurt, chia seeds and a banana. Add water for the consistency you like. I use a Nutribullet as they’re super quick to use and wash.
  • All these foods boost pleasure and fight depression, not bad ey? So far I haven’t gotten bored of the omelette every morning for weeks, not sure how.. It’s just so damn yummy.
  • Don’t be tempted to read emails during this time, enjoy your food fully and use it as a reward for your morning routine.

My morning routine - EDIT


  • You’re ready to rock!

This will require more effort from you in the mornings but it will pay off! You can add, remove or change anything in this routine to suit you.

I can assure you that since I’ve used this as a sort of ritual, the days when I start like this are my absolute best! Give it a try.

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