Music Video – Girl’s Anthem

July 9, 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of being the art director for a music video. In total there were five sets: gothic, regal, industrial and contemporary, with a final group scene on a staircase.

I worked alongside the girl’s fashion stylist to match the concepts and ideas. Working on temporary interior design gave me a great deal of freedom and ability to go that one step further with the styling of the sets. Being able to choose my props from the entire collection at Newmans hire, really made this project unique and exciting.

Set one: Gothic

I wanted to create a slightly softer “gothic” style which would then help it to tie in with the rest of the sets. On video it all needs to tie in together so I used props and lighting that would link the styles. By using the low hanging lights, this then became a prop for the singer and created an interesting effect as she pushed and spun the lights. They also framed the set around the chair, making a visual box.

interior design, set design, art production, music video

Set two: Regal

This set exuded luxury with just a couple of simple props. The difficult bit was getting the chandelier down! With a bit of “trickery” I made it look as though it had crashed to the ground. The chaise lounge had a slightly battered look, which again linked it into the other sets. Having older/shabby looking furniture works well in sharp contrast to the human form. I added in a huge crystal as a prop, this linked the singer to the set a little more.

Set three: Contemporary

For this set the styling of the singer was angular and strong, also simple black and white. I used curvy vases to echo the shape of the top she wore, I also added in hounds either side to act as feisty “protectors”.

interior design, set design, art production, music video

Set four: Industrial

To begin with we painted the walls and floor black to get an even background. I wanted the materials used to be in stark contrast, so used a chrome/leather chair and huge industrial rusting lights in the background which gave off a slightly battered glow.

interior design, set design, art production, music video

Overall this project was about understanding the requirements of the music video and the characters involved. Working alongside the fashion stylist really brought the whole concept together.


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