Monthly Mindful – Transitional times

February 24, 2016

May I be frank? Well in case you haven’t met me before I’m a bit of an open book. Which I feel is very important in what I do, especially as I work with the most personal spaces in people’s homes.

I’ve had a rather bumpy ride of late and the tires of my ride have revealed a lot of muddy areas.

I probably should have fully realised this a long time ago, but I hadn’t had any sharp reminders. I fully realised that we only get one chance at life and throughout that we should aim to be our best selves.

This includes loving ourselves, treating ourselves with respect and taking care of our bodies and minds equally, whilst living in a supportive and loving home environment. Once you love yourself, it becomes easier for others to love you.

Many friends of mine suffer from anxiety and depression on a daily basis. What sort of a world do we live in when we are constantly on edge, in fight or flight mode? Whether it be that we have a scary meeting, a tube journey to get through or even a drink with a friend, these “situations” can trigger the most unreasonable response from our bodies and minds.

Life brings about many challenges, and things don’t seem to ease with age, but it’s the mental attitude you embrace, the people you surround yourself with and the environment you live in that can have a profound effect on your daily life. Making little life tweaks can enhance these experiences. 

I truly believe that if you’re doing what you love and loving what you do, negative and panicky thoughts just don’t have the mental stage to perform on.

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Having been through a transitional stage in my life over the last two months, I’ve spent countless hours researching how to be “happy and positive” and I must admit that most days the big “F you” has come into my mind. When life gave me lemons I threw them at a wall, who wants lemonade in winter? Fools!

But I realised that frame of mind was doing me absolutely no good, both mentally and physically – I was becoming my own worst enemy, putting myself down, blaming the grey sky for my bad mood. My skin took on a grey hue (great for interiors, not so good on skin), I had constant spots and 3 colds in 2 months.

So I flip reversed it. Who else was I hurting, apart from myself?

I decided to begin again, with a schedule that suited my waking hours and set me up for a productive day. I admit I’ve never been good with authority and so being an authority to myself became a very strange internal struggle.

Brain 1: “time to blog”
Brain 2:“OK just 5 more minutes on Instagram”
Brain 1:“but you’ve done what you needed to do on social media for today”
Brain 2:“ooooh… look outside, there’s a blue tit!”
Brain 1:“cute, (tee hee, tit) shall we go for a walk?”
Brain 2:“already there”

OK so walking is not a bad idea, but adding structure to my day has enabled me to complete tasks and pat myself on the back at the end of the day.

Along with all of this I’ve decided that I need another wardrobe style change and a massive clear out of all the items I brought with me. I have roughly 40 un-read books on architecture and interior design that my dear mother bought me over a decade ago. Rather than feeling guilty about not reading them, I’ve decided to sell them to someone who will.

There’s a fine line between having a clear out and obsessing over minimalism, I would not advocate complete minimalism so just keep your research to the bare minimum and take a look at my “edited” blog post series for my spring clean EDIT guides.

If you’re feeling like you need a change to your home, take a look at my new packages. They’re tailored to those important stages in your life, such as living in a shared home, moving in together as a couple, buying or renting a new home or having a baby.