Launch of the EDIT shop

August 5, 2016

Today there is a reason for celebration, not only is the sun back out, but I’m launching the EDIT shop!

It has been a labour of true love and so much fun to curate.

Everything is chosen in the EDIT style and I take my sweet time selecting these beautiful items.

Shop with EDIT at

You can shop in one place and everything is delivered in 3 working days. Imagine that? You could get a whole newly styled room in one go!

Most items have a few different angles and a zooming in thingy (all of which I need to buy online!)

Each section is linked to a specific blog post of my EDIT tips, meaning that before you shop you can read some advice and tips to see which items suit you best.

Shopping with EDIT at

I’ll be adding new selections soon, but let’s start with the main bits.

I’ve categorised them into Living, Bed, Bath, Kitchen, Dining, Office, Plants, Greys and also there’s a tab to browse all.

I hope you have fun browsing my selections, please do let me know if there are any items you’d specifically like and I’ll add them to the shop.

If you’d like my help with shopping or would like an EDIT design package, you can check em’ out here and get in touch if you’d like a free initial consultation.