It’s the small things

October 7, 2015

Are you on a super tight budget and in need of a quick home refresh? Well you’ve come to the right place monsieurs et madames.

It’s all about the small, subtle additions and sometimes the omissions that will make your home feel instantly refreshed. See this as your to-do list for the impending colder months ahead; it’s snuggle time and you’ll be wanting to make the most of your home.


Scented candles
A selection of candles which can be grouped on a tray on your coffee table or placed around the home in places such as bedside tables, bathroom and dining table. It’s quite amazing how the subtle light from candles and the scents can really transform a space.

candles, tray, interior design, home, snug

Book and magazine stacks
These offer constant inspiration and visual treats. Focus on getting some short stories or books that have inspiring nuggets of information to enhance your day. It’s wonderful how a short story can relax you and take your mind away to another world, if only for a few minutes.

living room, magazine stack, home, interiors

Give your darling green friends a much needed prune and remove any dead leaves, and it’s always a good idea to top up the soil with some decent compost to refresh the top layer as well. If you don’t have any plants, why? Get yourself to your local plant shop and purchase a selection immediately. If you’re a lazy waterer like myself then buy succulents, you never need to water them as they absorb any moisture they need from the air in your home.

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Cushion covers
A seriously quick fix for your living room is to buy some new cushion covers; much like fashion accessories you can change them with the seasons and they’re so affordable too. There are some decent cushion covers atYorkshire Linen and H&M .

living room, home, interiors, cushions

Bed linen
This isn’t a must, but if you want to change the look of your bedroom then get a new bed set. My favourite type of material at the moment is jersey material which is slightly stretchy and super soft. Cotton is great but can be a bit cold when you first get in, jersey seems to somehow hold in the warmth. The set I recently bought is from Savile Row.

bed, home, relax, snug, bed linen, jersey

Potions and lotions
A new bathroom set adds a decadent touch, I’m currently drawn to gold tops and white bases. Many years ago I worked for Penhaligons, their exquisite glass bottles are initially a little pricey but they can be topped up and re-used as more of a decorative element.

lotions, potions, bathroom

Now for the dosh part, I reckon you’ll probably only need to spend roughly between £50 – £100 to be comfortable – think of it as the essential winter coat for your home.


For this I’ll keep it simple, if there is a stack of magazines gathering dust, an ornament that you look at with a slight “meh” feeling or a tatty duvet cover, then get rid!

living room

Focussing room by room, take out everything that doesn’t immediately make you feel content and happy. If you feel that some things should come back into the room, place them in a box for a week. If you don’t miss the items then give them to charity, a friend or sell them, but whatever your decision, just ensure that whatever you decide to bring back in is placed considerately and with meaning.