How to create the ultimate snug

February 28, 2015

Don’t feel like leaving the house on the weekend? That’s OK with me, it’s been rather miserable in the UK skies. All I feel like doing is creating a little den, watching movies and eating silly quantities of magnolia coloured delights. You might just want a small area to read or meditate, it could even be outside in the warmer months to come.


To begin your snug, ensure you have a decent “base” such as a sofa, large floor cushions or bean bags, or even a mix of all of them if you have a larger area and multiple snugllers. It needs to suit the shape of your room and the amount of people who wish to “cotch” on it, I personally love a corner sofa like this one as it creates more of a cosy feel, a cocoon if you will.


Layer it up with throws, rugs or just bring your duvet in, you know you want to. Bundle up cushions, loads of em! You’ll need them to tuck into every possibly crevice, make your own little armchair within the sofa.


Candles and incense will really make your living room feel alive and help to make a soft twinkly atmosphere.

You’ll need a coffee table or side table for all of your nibbles and drinks, you don’t want to be spilling things all over the place. Its good to just have a solid surface to put things in case you get so snug that you fall asleep. Happy snuggling!

You can find all of my images on my Pinterest board Snug