Gratitude and creativity

August 16, 2016

I’ve recently been getting back into sketching, oils and watercolours. It’s been almost a decade since I used watercolours and I’d forgotten how simple they are to use, with beautiful results.
With oils you build up layers, whereas with watercolours you get one shot to get it right; that’s the kind of pressure that allows you freedom with what you put on the paper, with a bit of a “f**k it” approach.

sketching at EDIT

Always up for a positive addition to my routine, I’ve decided to set aside an hour per day (where I’d normally be faffing) to sketch and/or paint .

So far I’ve managed 1 sketch and 2 watercolours, one of which was inspired by a walk I took through the forest. It was supposed to be a run, but it was too hot.. ahem.
On these walks through the forest which last roughly an hour, I come up with my best ideas, remove all the mental clutter and it gives me a focus and a fresh slate every day to take action on, when I get back to my work space.

sketching at EDIT

We can get caught up in worry and stress based on past experience and the potential results, but this mindset does nothing for the creative flow of energy that you could harness each day.

Setting up my day with little enjoyable tasks has enabled me to become more focused and in general, a lot happier! It means that when my working day comes to a close I am “allowed” to relax.

Alongside all of this I’ve been practising gratitude in everything that I do. I write 3 things I’m grateful for each morning and add to it throughout the day. They must be present day specific things, for example “I’m grateful that I’m going for a walk in the forest today”. It may sound a little hippy dippy, but it really does set your mind into the positive from the moment you wake up.

sketching at EDIT

By the way, totally obsessed with this set of “psychoanalytical” pencils my Mum gave to me yesterday. No idea where they’re from but I love their comedy value.

sketching at EDIT

I hope you’re able to give this a go, I promise you it’s easy to implement but with big changes!
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