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June 23, 2017

Over the last two months I’ve been a busy bee! Working on my most exciting project yet.

EDIT has evolved throughout the last decade, beginning as a humble blog after studying interior architecture. I feel a little bit proud of the journey I’ve been through to get where I am now, and what’s most fulfilling of all is that I’ve done it entirely alone!

There are times when working alone on something drives you mad, makes you question everything and sends you into a strange sense of constant instability. I think that’s what they call being out of your comfort zone! But wow is it worth it.

So, onto this exciting project. Well it’s actually a further evolvement of my business which came about through slowing down and really taking stock of what I’ve learnt over the years and combining all my research and experience.

You may have already seen me teasing you with posts about Property Styling (more commonly known as Home Staging). EDIT is still at its strong core an interior design and decluttering service, but whilst promoting EDIT to Brighton and Hove’s estate agents, I noticed a common need for property styling.

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And so in the past month or two I’ve been “designing” the structure and ins and outs of my property styling business. One thing I’ve learnt is that a tidy desk helps a tidy mind and so I’ve been using some gorgeous stationery from Papermash. I had a year’s worth of Elle Decoration that I’d marked certain pages of… I finally got around to slicing out the pages using a scalpel (yes, I’m particular) that inspired me and used these cute gold bulldog clips to piece together different sets of images.

The white wire basket is a life saver when you want to “pack up” quickly at the end of the day and not leave stacks of papers and pens lying around.

EDITs office style

I’m so looking forward to where property styling will take EDIT, or more to the point – where EDIT will take property styling! I have so much more to tell you about my exciting team, also I’ll be sharing my future projects with you. For now I’ll continue with my mission to seek out the homes of Brighton and Hove that need my help.

EDIT's office

If you have a property that you are thinking of selling you can find out much more about property styling here. For a no obligation free consultation, get in touch at


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