August 31, 2016

We’ve all heard of Hygge, right? Well have you heard of the word Fika?

Fika is the Swedish word that’s making it’s way to the UK and encouraging us to relax a little more. (Thanks Swedes!)

The basic meaning of the word  (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfiːˌka]) is to have coffee, this can be accompanied with pastries or sandwiches, a little bit like an English afternoon tea.

In Sweden pastries are sometimes referred to as asfikabröd (“fika bread”). Fika is also considered a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break with friends, family or colleagues or even a date.

Stelton Theo coffee maker

They’ll also use the words fikapaus (“fika pause”) or fikarast(“fika break”)

Normally at home I use a small cafetiere and a little jug of milk to try and make my coffee break a bit more special. I recently went one step further and got some gorgeous goodies including the slickly designed Stelton Theo coffee maker from Cloudberry Living.

I love the mixture of textures, from the rubber to the ceramic with quite a masculine feel.  I also got the matching Stelton Theo mugs which have wooden lids which can double up as coasters. There’s a bamboo lid also for the coffee maker to keep your coffee warm.
Stelton Theo coffee maker

There’s something about hearing the gentle trickle of a coffee filter that I find relaxing. I think it’s so important to  enjoy well designed items in our homes each and everyday, making the simplest of actions, pleasurable. Designed by Francis Cayouette, I won’t be hiding this in my cupboard anytime, it’s something I’d very happily display on my shelves.

Whilst preparing my Fika moment I used a combination of Scandinavisk candles to add to the senses. The cute 3 pack includes RO, Hygge and Koto, my favourite so far is RO. I usually dot them around my home either in the bathroom for a spa feel, by my bed for relaxing scents and on my desk while I work to stimulate. (one would hope!)

Stelton Theo coffee maker

I’d never thought to make such an effort for an afternoon tea, as I would for dining, but it really does make you appreciate the activity of taking a break.

What’s good to know is that Fika is a common practice at workplaces in Sweden where it constitutes at least one break during a normal workday, something we should be taking on board in the UK.!Stelton Theo coffee maker

Fika breaks are often taken twice a day at around 9:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. Everyone from all levels within the company get the chance to mix and chat about personal or work matters.

Fika coffee morning at EDIT

Informal meetings are becoming more commonplace at work and the boundary between home and office is slowly beginning to merge, which I think is a great thing.

By taking regular breaks and recharging,you’re also allowing yourself to connect on a personal level with your colleagues, family and friends.

Why not give it a go either at work or at home on the weekend. You’re worth it! :)

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You can take a look at the full Stelton range at Cloudberry Living and all of the other wonderful Scandinavian brands they have to offer.