Fabulous Fridays – Yuletide Cometh

December 13, 2013

Just one week left until I’m off work for two whole glorious weeks! In preparation for such joy I have  been sorting out the flat in an attempt to make it festive.

We collected our tree on Monday from Chapel Market in Angel; one of the best markets in London which just happens to run parallel to our road. According to the man on the market the easiest thing to do to keep the tree alive for longer is to soak the trunk base in water using a disposable roasting tray, which he said is already silver and festive! If you like that sort of thing. I’ve put a thick bin liner in a large plant pot and filled that with water, then wedged the trunk base into it. So far still green and flourishing.

Though small in stature, our tree is now the focal point of our living room. Underneath I’ve placed a couple of sheepskin rugs which make it look even more cosy.

The best way to go about decorating the tree is to put the lights on first (yes, I’ve put the decorations on first before – uber annoying) and make sure they are switched on when you are nestling them into the branches, this way you can see what they will actually look like in situ.

With the decorations start big at the bottom and work your way up using smaller decorations until you get to the pinnacle star/angel.

I like my trees quite plain, you still want to actually be able to see some of the lovely ferns. My Mum tends to give me a decoration each year in my stocking ranging from a hammered metal angel to a tartan fabric robin. In my opinion Gisela Graham makes the best Christmas decorations.

Use little jingle bells on red ribbons to fill in any little gaps if your tree looks a little unbalanced.
If you don’t have/want a tree then just grab some fairy lights and adorn your house plants, I have fairy lights on my plants all year round anyway! I know – crazy ey?

Before you ask, no the images do not depict my actual home, I’m not quite there yet…
Have a fabulous Friday!

 All images can be found on my Pinterest board – Yuletide


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