Fabulous Fridays – The big move

November 8, 2013

So the time has finally come around, we are moving from East to North London tomorrow morning. I’m still packing right till the end point, it always seems to be the case due to my extensive range of interior gems that I’ve picked up throughout my life. Warning – I will add a great deal more to this collection.

I’ve only been living in East London for 6 months, it’s been a summer fling in Victoria park alongside various hipster house parties and First Thursday affairs around the corner. But I feel ready to face the North having dabbled for two years in Canonbury in preparation.
I first crept the paving stones of Northern Angel when I was of West London origin, I was going to a gig with my brother and I remember thinking “one day I will live here”.

My dream has always been to live in an open warehouse space that I can define myself by moving areas and rooms around as I please, and now it’s finally happening I feel extremely grateful/lucky/blessed/like I will explode.

I’ve been pinning like ca-ra-zy on to the Warehouse board over the last month to finalise an idea of the sort of areas I would like in the new place. I’ll be partitioning off the bedroom area using our wardrobes and some light curtains.

We have a corner sofa which will define the living area and we haven’t quite decided on where the dining area will be, though I know I would love a hanging light fixture over the centre of the table.

Anyway enough of my inner ramblings, time to pack!
I hope you all have an excellent weekend, see you on the other side of moving.

 All images can be found on the Pinterest board – Warehouse


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