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January 26, 2017

As you may know by now I strive to be a bit of a minimalist. Not in the extreme sense, more that I need to be fairly minimal in order to live in a preeetty tiny studio flat in Brighton.

Even though I moved to Brighton without much at all, I’m still finding ways of reducing down what I have, to only own the things I actually need.

I believe the process has happened organically and didn’t become a conscious effort until it came to me having to say to myself “OK Liz, you’ve got to move from a large squillion sqm apartment to a minimal sqm studio, what you gonna do about that, hey?”

I also think it’s truly important to learn and experience first what you plan (or don’t plan) to help others with in the future.Therefore I’m now able to pass on that experience and my tips to you, whether it’s through helping you declutter your home, giving you tips on mindful living or being your interior designer. It all adds up to me helping you to live in your home efficiently and create a space that supports you to lead your best life possible!

I realise that yes, I am starting to sound like a life coach/ therapist/ counsellor, but that’s sort of where part of my work is heading…

(some poms poms for your pleasure)

minimal, declutter, pompom

When I first started EDIT, I wasn’t fully aware of the prominence and reasoning behind the name I’d chosen. Granted the first 2 letters are just my initials, but I realised I wasn’t a conventional interior designer, so just putting the letters ID after wasn’t going to work.


I then began to think more about what I offer people and that’s where the therapy came in. I love to help people whether it’s organising their homes or just sitting having a cuppa/wine while putting the world to rights. But before I could properly help others, I realised I needed to help myself and go through the processes of both CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and de-cluttering.
Ironically being an interior designer, I realised that I had an attachment to objects that was unhealthy.


Over the last year I’ve worked through what I own and either given to charity or sold many items. I can’t tell you just how wonderful it feels to get rid of things and the freedom you feel afterwards. It’s like a bit of a high! Funny thing is, I couldn’t remember most of the things I’d let go.


And so after lots of experience, learning and adjustment EDIT is now not only an interior design service, but also a de-cluttering service. And isn’t EDIT just about the perfect name for it? I mean, it was right in my face all along!


I offer my de-cluttering service in Brighton & Hove. Alongside this I will be writing a blog post series on small space living for all you online folk. If you’re not in the local area and just wanted a phone consultation I can provide an hourly rate to talk through your home and give you personalised tips on de-cluttering and/or minimising. 


For more details on the de-cluttering service and to read some testimonials from my happy clients, just head over here.

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I look forward to sharing my findings with you as I continue on the EDIT journey, I hope you’ll join me.

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