May 30, 2016

Throughout my years of research and varied interior design projects, I realised the questions I needed to ask my clients. These questions form the beginning of the interior design journey, before I’ve seen a space.


I recently realised I have never asked myself these very questions! So I thought – practice what you preach Liz.
So, here’s my Q&A:


1. What are your favourite colours? think about not only colours you wear but interiors too

Grey, white, gold, navy blue and coral pink – this is actually the colour palette I tend to apply to my clothes. I’m a sucker for a stripe and love the reflective and reviving properties of gold.


2. Which textures remind you of home?

Knitted wool, cotton sheets, plant leaves.


3. What is your favourite music genre? Feel free to include a specific song

I taught myself to mix vinyl when I was 17 and used to combine all sorts of genres, from Pop to Drum & Bass. I love a good rhythm and deep base.

I have a ridiculous amount of Spotify playlists for my many moods, including meditation music and classical too. Possibly the most fun to sing/expressive dance to is don’t let the sun go down on me, by George Michael and Elton John. You know the one – fist clenching, emotional ballad.


4. What household object could you not live without? think of something you love or it could be practical

Totally impractical – antlers

They instantly give a room some sort of status, whilst reminding me of nature, animals and strength. I bought them on eBay from a farm in Scotland where they were naturally shed. I still feel honoured to own them today.


5. What is your favourite cuisine? Also what’s your go-to meal when you want to cheer yourself up or fancy a treat?

I love Vietnamese cuisine: very simple and fresh dishes with buckets of coriander, rice noodles, ginger, garlic, chilli and greens.
A succulent medium rare steak when I’m dining out is a must. To cheer me up, give me a bowl of cheesy baked beans atop mashed potato..with gravy, with a packet of tangfastics on the side.


6. What is your favourite part of your home and why? Think about where you feel most happy

I do love my bed, but my bathroom is ace; it’s the place I set my intentions for the day, come up with ideas and make myself feel fresh and ready.
I treat myself best in the bathroom – fluffy white towels, pretty robes and all sorts of lotions and potions (shampoo and conditioner). For inspiration you can read
The edited bathroom.


7. Would you describe yourself  more as an introvert or extrovert?

Massive introvert, although after a couple of bevvies you could mistake me for an extrovert. I like my solitary space, I get my best ideas alone, preferably surrounded by nature..with the occasional tree hug.


8. How important is technology to you? can you go without it for hours?

Technology is vital for my work, and I do find it incredibly difficult to switch off.
My guilty pleasure is Pinterest. I could quite happily create boards all day long, which with some projects I actually get to do. I find I sleep alot better if I remove all tech from the bedroom..which rarely happens. You can find my tips for your bedroom at
 The edited bedroom.


9. Where are you when your head feels most clear? Could be outside, on holiday, with specific people/ animals

Laughing with my best friends – We have a very odd collective sense of humour. I love being by the sea or deep in a forest and having recently taken up running/walking I’ve reaped the benefits of a clear mind. It’s  amazing how you just focus on your body and breathing, like a moving meditative state.


10. What’s the first thing you do when you get home?

As I work from home most of the day, I’d be returning from a walk or run. But on the occasions where I’m returning from a long trip, I’ll dump my heavy bags, take off my shoes and make myself a drink. Then relax on the sofa and catch up on Pinterest. Obsessed much?


11. What’s your favourite scent and why? some may bring back memories, others may calm you

Well this is a difficult one to answer with an absolute favourite, as scents evoke so many memories for me.
I love lavender for sleep, I keep a little spray bottle by my bed for my pillows. Grapefruit for my morning shower gets me going, I also love musky scents for the home all day long.


12. If you could only take five things with you from your home, what would they be? Try to think of taking things from the different rooms in your home

If you had asked me this a year ago I would have panicked. MUST. TAKE. EVERYTHING.

But now I struggle to make it up to 5 items, as I’ve managed (through a painfully long experience which is still happening) to detached myself from objects.

Most of the things I own are replaceable, but some are irreplaceable (I hear you, Beyonce) . I digress…here’s my top 5:

  1. Laptop – I do back up everything automatically, but I’ve grown rather attached to this laptop as it’s seen me through to starting my own business. Plus it’s lightweight and small enough to carry everywhere.
  2. Antlers – see answer to question 4.
  3. Photograph of my Grandad – this was taken when he joined the Navy. I’ve scanned it, but there’s nothing quite like an original old photo.
  4. Coffee Table – It’s something I’ve made myself, which doesn’t happen often. Here’s my coffee table styling guide
  5. Dining chairs and table – My 4 chairs are from the Brompton Oratory church in South Kensington (I was in the junior choir for 5 years…voice of an angel, not) The table was an excellent find from Shabitat in Brighton.


Coffee table styling at EDIT - elizabethdanon.co.uk

So have you thought about what you would answer? Has it made you think more about what’s important to you in your home?
Sometimes it takes a lot of time to figure out what you like, I’m here to guide you through the journey.

Let’s get you started on the EDIT process with a free initial consultation.

Simply answer the questions and send your answers through to elizabethdanon(at)gmail.com, then take a look at the packages I offer, to see what will be the right fit for you.

Everything is adaptable and flexible depending on your personal needs.

Remember these 3 promises from EDIT:

  1. I will only choose items that you actually need – enhancing your home lifestyle and working with what you already own.
  2. I will help you to eliminate items that are pulling you down – once these are removed you will feel clear and uncluttered.
  3. I will enhance the items that are already important to you – bringing a new joy and importance to the positive elements in your life.