EDIT at London’s design events

September 30, 2016

September has been a whirlwind of events and plenty of designer goodies. In all honesty I’m quite glad it’s over as now I have the time to take stock of what I liked and what inspired me.

This blog post will be more image heavy than words…

At the start of the month I visited Top Drawer – lots of little homeware goodies, beautiful stationery and styling bits and bobs were my favourites, and things like flat packed hanging mobiles made from paper and wood.

Design events with EDIT elizabethdanon.co.uk

I was invited to the Design Biennale press preview at Somerset House, which seems to be my new regular haunt these days. (totally happy with that!)

I arrived early for the press preview and took a walk around the rooms, there were over 30 countries exploring the theme of Utopia.

Design events with EDIT elizabethdanon.co.ukDesign events with EDIT elizabethdanon.co.ukDesign events with EDIT elizabethdanon.co.ukDesign events with EDIT elizabethdanon.co.uk

I skipped home feeling smug, only to realise that I’d missed two entire floors! Felt less smug then.

But not to fear, as I was then invited to a We Blog Design meetup in the Taiwan room. The experience was called Eatopia. It was a slightly bizarre dining experience with a story told behind each tiny dish. I’d never been in a room of fellow bloggers before with such focus; It was rather funny the way we were all glued to our cameras and phones, trying to get the best shots of each course as it came to the table, only to just get in each other’s photographs…hence no photos.

The following week I headed over to Natuzzi for a design launch. My favourite bit was getting the chance to try out marbling, and of course hanging out with my bezzie blogger, Delali.

LDF with EDIT elizabethdanon.co.uk
Decology was my final engagement for the month, where I attended a (delicious) working lunch in Hammersmith and met all of my fellow designers of Decology. The owners talked us through the platform and answered any questions we had.

And so I go into October feeling inspired, yet slightly tired…