Delightful Dining

November 27, 2013

One thing about moving into our new beautiful warehouse is that we have loads of space to play with. We are lucky enough to be looking after our friend’s gorgeous dining table and chairs. The table is a proper grown up one made of solid wood and sanded to perfection. I actually enjoy stroking it, I know, weird. My church chairs look great alongside them. If you’re stuck for seating, there are lots of ideas for dining chairs on this website.

We’ve had a couple of people over for dinner and we’ve made a right meal out of some breakfasts too; I love being able to set out all the various condiments, side plates, cutlery, juices and tea in the morning – it reminds me of home.

I have some simple tips under my napkin to make dinner parties extra special for you and your guests.

Use candles to create a soft glow and make everyone feel relaxed and shiny.

Even just a simple bunch at the end of the table will add life and freshness whilst making it look like you have gone to a lot of effort. Maybe your lovely friends will bring you some!

Cutlery,  crockery and glasses:
Layer and mix it up a little, use different colours and styles; you can find some great bits in flea markets for pennies, so start collecting now.

Central reservation:
When I serve food I like to put it in little bowls (depending on what it is) so that people can help themselves to various bits and bobs. Make sure you have a “central reservation” so that everyone can dig in with gusto!

 All images can be found on my Dining Pinterest board

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