Creating a spa bathroom for spring

April 15, 2016

Now that Spring is fully on it’s way, it’s probably time to finish off any clearing of clutter you may have neglected.

As you’ll see with my previous post about Spring cleaning your bathroom, I mentioned white towels, candles and a few other items that can really transform your bathroom, without the great expense.

A brilliant way to personalise your bathroom is to look into your routine and adjust accordingly. Ensure that all the lotions and potions you need each day are to hand, and invest in some essentials oils to invigorate you first thing in the morning.

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For the days or evenings when you fancy a spa, grab some bath salts or bubbles, a face mask and get a seriously fluffy bath mat to dry off your toes afterwards.

I’ve always wanted a robe with my initials on, it just feels so right. A great place to get them from is Towels R us, where they have Egyptian cotton bathrobes and a large selection of towels that can also be personalised. These could be great for guests if you wanted to “brand” your home or just add your house or road name on them if it sounds cute.

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Here’s a quick reminder of what to do after that step, so that you can spa in peace: Anything in or around your shower and bath should stay in a cupboard unless they’re good looking. Alternatively if you have no place to put them other than in the shower, ensure they are only the essential items for each use. If you’re feeling a bit extra you can always decant your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into pump bottles.

This post is in collaboration with Towels R us