Andrea & Richard Fox

“We absolutely recommend Elizabeth’s services. We found her holistic approach to decluttering really refreshing. She’s cured me of my hoarding obsession!
Despite his initial reservations, Rich only wishes we had taken Elizabeth’s advice sooner! Our home is now on the market for more than we had hoped, and we enjoy our home and space so much more we’re tempted to take it off the market and stay!”

James Hubbard

“I really enjoyed the decluttering service provided by EDIT.
Elizabeth brings a very calming and reassuring approach to making positive changes in your home, starting with simple and effective steps you can take to improve your daily routine. As someone who has been a bit indecisive about interior design choices in the past, Elizabeth was very effective in helping me to be confident in the things that I like and to rid inhibitions around making purchases for my home. Since our first session, I have already made some changes that have dramatically improved my living room and bedroom (without having to spend a fortune!) I am looking forward to putting other suggestions made by Elizabeth into action over the next few weeks.
I’d highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who feels they need to make changes within their home, both from a psychological as well as a design perspective. Elizabeth really helps you to understand the things that make you happy and feel settled and then to translate those things into reality.”


Liz Davies

“I want to let you all know about a very interesting and hugely beneficial experience I recently had with my wonderful friend and declutter (amongst her many other talents) Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has recently helped me to declutter my bedroom – which was fascinating for me as I am definitely not a hoarder and didn’t think my room was cluttered! I just felt that I wasn’t quite feeling right when I woke up in the mornings and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Elizabeth suggested we do a de-clutter of my bedroom so I thought “why not?” and it has been such an amazing experience!
I felt great almost immediately as Elizabeth got me to ruthlessly evaluate EVERYTHING in there as either “beautiful, useful or joyful” and just get rid of anything that wasn’t! This was a truly liberating experience!

The whole process felt freeing and inspiring – and fun! Elizabeth guided me through the process with care and support which also helped a lot. I did experience a mixture of emotions while evaluating all my stuff, but overall I felt like I was shedding skins that I no longer needed!

The energy in my entire bedroom changed (imagine doing it throughout your entire home!) and I also found that it positively affected my mood too! It also made way for me to re-style the room (which Elizabeth helped massively with!) and to think differently about how I want my environment to look and feel.

Now when I wake up in my bedroom I feel different! I feel lighter, I feel more energised, and actually – I feel more like ME! I no longer have stuff around me that I don’t need and it feels wonderful! I highly recommend that you speak to Elizabeth and think about doing this for yourself. It feels like a miraculous experience in itself!

Thank you Elizabeth I am blessed to have you in my life!”



Tom Jones – Managing partner and co-founder – Three Whiskey

“Working with Elizabeth/EDIT was fantastic. She was an enormous help when we needed to get our new office sorted, and fast.
She quickly helped us get to a design that we felt was right (and on a tight budget!).  From that point onwards Liz managed the process with efficient and helpful communication – and left us with an end result we’re delighted with!
As Liz gave us such clear instruction on the design and set up process, we have now replicated her design in another new part of our office extension.”


Caryl Melloul

“When I was heavily pregnant I began to look at my home in a very different way. I wanted to welcome my baby into our home with as much ease as possible and I needed to do some decluttering to make space for new furniture. Liz came to my home and we began with a consultation where we walked around the rooms and focussed on the areas that felt cluttered and unmanageable. Liz made me feel calm about decluttering as I was feeling rather anxious about reducing down what I had, she was empathetic to the items I felt a strong connection with and she helped me bring those items out on display to enjoy them!

I not only decluttered my entire home with the help and guidance of Liz, but found a new way of life where my home now supports me and my family. We know where everything is, which makes our lives a lot easier, while being able to enjoy every room in our home with all our lovely memories and items displayed beautifully.

I went for the interior design service afterwards which gave me a clear vision for my entire home, especially the baby’s bedroom.

Using the EDIT way has meant that I’m now able to keep my home tidy and de-cluttered with ease. Liz has taught me the skills to keep my home exactly the way we want it.”


JP Danon

“My wife and I have two young girls. We were aware we were accumulating mountains of stuff but had not really come up with a way of managing it.

Life can be hectic so whilst we knew we needed to do something, we had not given ourselves the time to come up with a plan to sort things out.

This is where Liz came in. She asked us a few questions about how we live and what we like doing. She then did an audit of the house and came up with a list of activities, habits and some changes we needed to make.

Then came a big sort and a clear out which Liz helped us with – this was a revelation as the house looked instantly more welcoming, we were able to help some local charity organisations, friends and even made some cash on eBay. I was surprise how enjoyable Liz made the process. Liz also helped us source some good value storage solutions for the stuff we kept that also helped us with establishing good habits.

When she left, the house felt new again and my wife and I were lifted. Whilst I cannot promise we keep the house looking this way all the time (!) it is a much nicer place for us to live in and making the place look great is a much easier and more enjoyable task.

If your family house is feeling like it’s bursting  with stuff, you may not need to move, just get Liz in. She’s much more affordable and you will love how your house feels afterwards. “


Verity and Simon live in Hackney, London.


“After the excitement of buying our first home together my boyfriend and I were hit with the enormity of filling it with furniture and making it feel like a home. We were faced with numerous challenges, a small living space, limited budget and biggest of all our totally contrasting tastes.
Liz was a saviour; working with us separately she took the time to understand our individual personalities so she could successfully create a unique vision, which we both loved.
Liz provided not only inspiration but also practical advice, she talked us though each room and helped us create a prioritisation list of what buy. With her industry experience and insider knowledge she was able to share great cost saving hacks and quick win ideas.
Best of all Liz has helped us create a space that makes us feel happy and calm. Already both of us have felt positive effects from her easy to implement ideas. We have been able to create a home quickly, within budget and best of all without arguing! I couldn’t recommend her services enough!”



“I was worried about Verity’s love of neon and random trends making our new flat into an Aladdin’s cave of clash – amazingly Liz managed to curb her erratic buying and also present ideas that we both liked. With Liz’s guidance we have created a really fantastic living space, which is calming escape from the world and with no neon in sight!”


Helen Christie – Editor of The Artful Londoner

“The whole experience with Liz was amazing. My boyfriend and I had just bought our first flat and I was feeling really overwhelmed with everything and didn’t know where to start when it came to interior design.
Liz’s questionnaire was really interesting and I was intrigued to see what she came up with, and she was absolutely spot on.
The Pinterest board she created was perfect and I got ridiculously excited every time I received a notification that she had added something new.
She was so helpful and I felt like she completely understood me and what I was looking for”.


Andrew Demetri

“What I loved most about the EDIT process was the ease of how we communicated. It was a clear and enjoyable process where I answered some questions about myself and received a full report back on my overall style, along with a Pinterest board of room inspiration and links to products chosen just for me.

As I work in fashion, I am extremely particular about colour and texture. Liz understood my style instantly.

Each of the answers I provided to the questions have given me a guide to live by at home, specifically for my bedroom as I live in a shared house. When I come home from a long day, I know that my sanctuary awaits!”