My Story

Whilst working for an architectural firm, who specialised in healthcare..

I began to see a common theme where there was little regard for the finishes – normally blamed on low budget. So I researched new and innovative surfaces and products, from wall paints and murals to flooring and hand rails, I built up a substantial new library of samples and information for the company.

My toughest and most sensitive project was working on a bereavement room for mothers who needed to give birth to their stillborn babies. The team of midwives were wonderful, answering all of my questions on how best to support mothers and their families during such a difficult time.

I used calming colours and a large image of light dappled through the trees into a beautiful forest. I designed a unit that enclosed all medical apparatus and the room had a double bed so that partners could stay.

The offices I’ve worked in over the years..

Were to say the least, uninspiring; with little light, no greenery and claustrophobic meeting rooms that would make me feel uncomfortable. I was commissioned to redesign the interiors of two offices – making them light, inspiring and nurturing places for work. I took into consideration all of the staff’s wishes, whilst ensuring the space was client friendly too.

Through my experiences working in offices, healthcare and people’s homes, I decided that a space can either support you or bring you down. This applies to any place you happen to be in.

Being mindful about your space, is not some hippy concept. It’s using your brain to become more aware of your surroundings. The processes that you go through each and every day in your home or workplace can and will affect your health.


A person very close to me went into rehab..

I went over to their home to try and make some sense of the way they were living, I knew they’d always been very minimal; there always seemed to be a reason to not stay somewhere. A feeling of unsettle in the literal sense. Their home told a story about how little they cared about themselves.

Having bought and moved into this new home, they couldn’t sleep, eat properly or connect with the surrounding area. They were housebound in a home that scared them.

Behaviours became obsessive; owning 50 pairs of socks, items of clothing were almost identical, and many of their things were still in the moving boxes 3 months after moving in, being used as storage units.

Everything was stock piled in the bathroom and kitchen, they lived off the same meal each day, which was normally eaten out of the pan. Their bed was an old futon pad on the floor. Even though they were living in this beautiful newly decorated modern home, what they had in it and how they felt about the space, had driven them to despair.

I got to work, starting with the mattress, I researched different types for a supportive sleep, then I added in plants around the home, comforting lighting and gradually a few other pieces. The plan was to hang artwork and buy a new sofa. When they arrived home after rehab, their home was a supportive comfort with everything they needed.


The beginnings of EDIT..

I woke up one morning with a strong feeling that I needed to find a name for my business. Elizabeth Danon Interior Design – EDID? Hmmm no, sounds like I have a cold, plus it’s not a word. Then I began to reflect on everything I had been learning over the last couple of years – mindfulness, therapy, positivity, present moment awareness. Therapy – yes.

And so EDIT was born. Interior design using a mindful approach. A way to edit your space/environment/habitat to suit your way of living and enhance the everyday, whilst encouraging you to live in the present.


Making the move..

Everyday I passed a large brightly tiled wall in Angel, Islington.  On one side of the corner it said “do what you love”, on the other, “love what you do”. All I could think was, please stop reminding me that I’m not doing what I love, how on earth am I going to make that leap?

I had been thinking about my business for almost a decade, too scared to pursue it in case of failure. But when you’re faced with daily signals, there’s nothing else you can think of. Friends would call me up for interiors advice almost weekly, to the point where I’d been working late into the night on ideas for their homes. Sketch book scribbled in by the bed in darkness, without my glasses, made for some interesting notes and diagrams.

I decided it was time to quit the day job and focus on what I really felt I needed to do – help people with their spaces. My humble beginnings were created from a little room in the corner of my mum’s home, deep in the countryside – which was a good way to stay focussed, when all you have to distract yourself is a bunch of chickens.

Looking after others..

Whilst running my mum’s B&B in the countryside for 4 months, I have been reminded of what is important to people wanting to get away from it all. Little touches like fluffy robes, candles, cushions and bed linen fresh from the line outside can make a big difference.


In conclusion, these are the things I can do for you…

  • Help you minimise
  • Create a home that functions according to your needs
  • Create a space that inspires you to be creative and productive, whilst also creating calm and relaxation
  • Make the time to address all areas of your home and get it just the way you like it

I offer a free initial consultation, so just pop me an email at if you’d like to hear more about how I can help you.