Hello and welcome to EDIT! My name is Liz and I own EDIT – a place to combine interior design with mindfulness. A bit brighter here isn’t it? I promise I’m not completely monochrome, in fact I love colour, I just use it very specifically.

Imagine if you will, The Matrix – that’s a bit what it’s like for me going into an interior. It takes me into another dimension or trance state where I start to mentally re-organise and imagine the best possible formations.

EDIT came about through my love of interiors and my passion for making spaces work for people. Since studying Interior Architecture at The University of Brighton, I’ve worked on many different types of projects; from people’s homes and work spaces to birthing rooms in hospitals. Throughout this time I’ve blogged for Pippa Jameson Interiors, Heart Home magazine, CDC Lifestyle and of course, EDIT.

The objects you surround yourself with and the environment you live in has a huge effect on your well-being, happiness, mental and physical health.

EDIT focuses on providing you with a tailored style vision board along with a personalised plan to improve your interior. The process will leave you feeling clear, uncluttered and able to move forward with your ideal living and/or work space.

EDIT’s designs are not based on fads or trends, its all about your personal style including your past treasures and the things that are important to you presently.

I will work with what you already have and I’ll only suggest items that you actually need – avoiding the trap of buying unnecessary items and therefore making it affordable.

My advice and concept for each person is different, I never recycle design ideas, everything is based on you, your lifestyle and personality. I’m not judgy – I’m here to help you make your environment perfect for you.

Having lived in many, many small homes in the UK I realise first hand how small the amount of space you have to live in can be. I’ll enable you to make the most out of that space.
The personal style guidance that I provide is transferable throughout your life – giving you a rod rather than a fish!. You can choose the level of service you require and always add and adapt in the future.

You’ll benefit from the guidance of a professional with the opportunity to develop your own personal style, creating a vision and opening your eyes to the world of interior design in the right way.

Take a peek at my Pinterest for inspiration and examples of the sort of boards I produce. My blog showcases some of my writing pieces showing the link between a healthy habitat and mental well-being.

I would love to hear from you, so please do drop me a line at elizabethdanon(at)gmail.com

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