6 ways to make the most of your outdoor space

May 10, 2016

Having lived in many homes over the years it’s been fun to play with different spaces. But one aspect of moving is sacrifice and compromise, especially when it comes to outdoor space. Do you get the small flat with the garden? or a larger space with just a small window sill as your only connection to the outdoors?

How to make the most of your outdoor space elizabethdanon.co.uk

I’ve lived in places with just window sills, but have made the most of it by planting lavender in window boxes, whilst creating a seating area in the small patch of sun. I’ve also had the luxury of a roof terrace spanning the entire amount of space as the flat below.
But this was actually an overwhelming amount of garden, that I ended up feeling I had to fill.

From the days of the roof terrace where I’d need to carry things upstairs in baskets, to when I didn’t have any outdoor space at all, I’ve adapted my ways of getting the best from the great outdoors.

When the lovely people at Amara sent me a gorgeous circular towel and pretty lantern, I thought it was a hint to get myself outside. (It’s worth having a little browse of their outdoor section)

The lovely people at Amara sent me the towel and the lantern.

And so I give you my 6 ways to make the most of your outdoor space:

  1. Create a mini table area, whether it’s a simple tray for treats or a fold-able table – both are easy to carry.
  2. Define your outdoor area using a decorative thick towel or throw – by using botanical prints you’ll create a green feel without any actual plants.
  3. Bring out lots of cushions – this way you’ll create an outdoor sofa environment, and you can have a proper lie down.
  4. Bring books, sketch books and magazines – It’ll keep you outside a lot longer as you’ll have something relaxing to focus on.
  5. Candles are perfect for the transition into the evening – use a glass lantern to enhance the feeling of a well designed space.
  6. Music can create a relaxed vibe – a bit of reggae will transport you to warmer climes.

Making the most of outdoor space

Bear in mind this list can also be used for a day in the park, depending on how much you can carry, of course!
If you can’t afford all of the items straight away, try adding to it gradually over the next few weeks.

Make the most of your outdoor space while the weather is good, it’s just as important as the interior, not to mention totally excellent for your mental health.

Disclaimer – that is not my garden! Imagine? I took the photograph whilst on a walk in Guildford this weekend. :)