4 tips for styling your sofa

April 7, 2016

Once you’ve bought a new sofa, it can be easy to plonk it down and think no more of it, however there is a next level for your purchase – sofa styling.

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Before you recoil at the mention of styling, just have a think about how much time you spend in your living room. After a long day, do you normally have dinner and then relax on the sofa? Probably for at least two hours a night (if you’re lucky). Add that up for one week and you’ve got 14 hours of chilling time in one spot.

So why not make that space work for you during those relaxing hours and invest in a high quality sofa like you would a decent mattress. If you’re currently shopping around, there’s an excellent selection at Duresta – they’re both well designed and look particularly high end.

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Below are my 4 tips on styling your sofa:

  1. Go for a neutral sofa colour
    As a base it’s best to go for neutral, I know some may disagree but large pieces of furniture have a habit of swallowing up visual space. Accessorize with colour instead.
  2. Accessorize with cushions
    Most of my cushion covers are from H&M; I buy feather cushions (so much better than synthetic) for around £15 each and then choose the covers depending on what colour palette I desire. The great thing about cushion covers is that you can change then so easily, meaning you can have a completely different style each season, if you wish.
  3. Add texture
    This can be in the form of chunky knits or patterned throws to add depth, which both look beautiful and provide a snuggily function.
  4. Have a flat place
    I don’t know about you, but one of my big fails is never having a place to set my mug/glass down while I relax. My coffee table is normally not quite within reach and I don’t like the thought of cluttering my space with little tables. The ideal solution is to use your sofa arms as tables – you can either add in a piece of wood on top (obviously this only works with flat arms) or Duresta’s Mondrian collection has them built in already.

living room, living room edit, organising, minimalism, home, interior design, interiors,You can find all of my living room inspirations on my living room board.  You can also see my living room edit blog post, with some more tips on minimalism and a bit of a spring clean.

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This blog post is in collaboration with Pavillion Broadway. I only ever collaborate with suppliers that I truly love and actually would use/do use in my interior design projects.