4 simple steps to finding your bliss

May 4, 2016

Firstly, May the 4th be with you.

I was watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on marathon mode, with a super large bowl of crisps, in bed over the bank holiday weekend, please don’t judge.

One episode got me thinking. – the one where Lillian leans through the window chatting to hipsters and asks them “What do you two do for work?” then corrects herself, asking “I mean, can you believe that you get paid to follow your bliss?”whilst visibly cringing.

I did laugh at this, and massively cringe too, but at the same time realised that this is a good thing about the generation after us Millennials. They can teach us something other than how to style an outfit with a pom pom topped baseball cap.

Apparently there is now such a thing as millennial burn out! What? Yes, you heard me.

Millennials crave exciting workspaces with hammocks and up-turned boats for benching (yup, I’ve been to Google’s offices)

Our attention span seems to be getting shorter and shorter, and are now thought to be less than a goldfish at 8 seconds.

Marry that with stupidly long working hours, a genital based pay gap and the pressure to pop out a couple of babies whilst looking like you “woke up like this”. One can already see the daily flaming heads popping up on Google maps.

Office interior design at elizabethdanon.co.uk

So I started to think about my “bliss” (don’t worry I’m still cringing each time I write that word)

I’ve worked in  9-5 jobs which normally ended up being 9-9 jobs as I reluctantly/ accidentally took on more and more beyond my capacity, leading to burnout.

I lost my bliss when I left university over a decade ago, and clawed it back through writing blog posts for fun. In one week, only an hour would be spent in bliss mode, the rest would be working or worrying about work.

Your “bliss” is always there, pulling at your trousered/jeaned/culotted/skirted/hotpanted leg like a bored child. It’s a neglected part of you that craves your full attention.

My bliss comes in many forms, but the one that makes me most present and sends me into a meditative trance is painting.Succulent art at elizabethdanon.co.uk

I love getting messy, it goes against my tidy tendencies. I love feeling the paint cracking on my fingers, with the odd smushy wet bits. I secretly like it when I splatter paint on my favourite jumper, it’s like I’m saying “f*ck it”.

I dream of the day when I can have a space big enough to house a 6 metre squared canvas, which I’ll roll all over, body caked in rainbow paint.

But this little voice comes in to ruin my bliss at times when I’m feeling a bit weak. “What’s the point in painting? You’re not exactly any good at it, what a waste of time, you can’t sell these – you should be doing some actual work Elizabeth”.

Antler painting at elizabethdanon.co.uk

So in order to ruin the kill joy in me, I set up my easel as a constant reminder. So that playful voice comes in  telling me to  treat myself to some happy time.

I’ve physically tripped over my easel at times, which makes me smile, after I’ve got over the initial pain. It’s saying “put it on me and do me”succulent art at elizabethdanon.co.uk

I’ve found my bliss, so here are 3 simple steps for you to help you find yours:

1. Find your bliss

What makes you really happy, elated, beaming silly and calm at the same time? That’s your bliss

Some examples include:

  • Going for a long walk with a coffee and appreciating the tiny tongues of sparrows
  • Force cuddling your cat
  • Writing a song about buses
  • Singing said song about buses, on the bus
  • Painting in an erratic arty style
  • Repotting a plant whilst breathing on it like Aslan
  • Having a long bubble bath with a face cracking mask and bubble wig
  • Dancing to Elton John using movements you wouldn’t even allow your best friend to witness

2. Mark out a bliss space

This could be in any room in the home,  and it could be something small:

  • A tray of treats in your bathroom – posh bath salts, oils and candles
  • A box of goodies in the kitchen – dark chocolate, popcorn…
  • Or if you need a larger space for art or music, you can wall mount your guitar with a chair next to it or keep your easel out to trip over.

3. Allocate time to your bliss space

  • Even if you just sit and stare at your guitar or only paint one handful of nails.
  • Mark out a slot in your calendar, even if it’s just one hour per week and  set it up as a reminder on your phone.

4. Evolve your bliss

Who knows, I might have an art exhibition one day? I have already envisioned myself standing on a box enthusiastically with a glass of prosecco, saying “thank-you so much for all coming, my work is inspired by my struggles”

Once you’ve found your bliss (it’s a hobby isn’t it? Yes, hobby) it will evolve with you each time you nurture it. And you never know, it could one day turn into your daily work. How totally blissful would that be?

To find out more about how I can help you create a totally blissful home, take a look at my about page.