3 tips for choosing finishes

May 11, 2017

News just in, we’ve got a house! Or at least we have had the offer accepted, which possibly means nothing until the keys are in our hands. But anyway, the fact that we might soon be homeowners is a rather exciting prospect. Of course I have already begun the plans for an extension and a Pinterest board which you can find here. I LOVE visualising and in all honesty it’s got me to where I am now – living in Brighton with a sea view, about to move into a new home all came about through being specific about what I wanted.


The one thing that I haven’t quite considered about re-designing a home before, are the main finishes all in one go. Maybe I’ve just been lucky with all the rentals I’ve lived in over the past few years, but all of the finishes have been pretty neutral and, I suppose nondescript. Therefore I’m overspilling with excitement at the idea of choosing things like flooring and paint!


So without further adieu, here are my 3 tips for choosing finishes:


  1. Flooring
    Whether it is engineered or solid, wood flooring can add a touch of elegance and a really natural feel within your living space. It is also easy to clean and maintain; wood flooring can be sanded and refinished once it has been installed, although it can last a mammoth 15-20 years before needing either. Natural stone tiles such as travertine and slate both are a great choice as their coating makes them non-slip, mould-resistant and great conductors of heat! A smart choice for the kitchen would be laminate flooring or vinyl tiles.
  2. Curtains or blinds
    I see curtains and blinds as a finish as the rest of the things you might need for a home can be plonked in or fitted easily. You may find you have unusual sized windows or bay windows which, as lovely as they are, can be a bit of a pain to fit. The only blinds I like are the wooden shutter blinds, as they’re easy to open and close and look incredibly stylish inside your home and from the outside too. With curtains I always love a very light and plain fabric, especially if your home isn’t particularly huge – they add height and space to a room and draw the eye around and up. Add a black out layer to the fabric if it’s in a bedroom.
  3. Walls
    My suggestion for you is to paint the entire home white, this way you can see the natural light and warmth of the sun and how it moves around the home before you select colours. In my opinion, I prefer an entirely white home, I accessorise and add my colour through art work, plants and furnishings. I like my home to act as a sort of gallery for my possessions. The only room I think I would love to add a dramatic dark blue would be the bathroom or loo. As you don’t normally spend that long in the bathroom, this is a place you can go a bit wild.

Whatever your preference on finishes, see them as an investment for the entire home. They will act as the background scene of your lovely home life!



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