The Mindful Home

November 17, 2015

When I was asked to review a book I immediately thought, yes! I can actually have a reason for reading. I’m not the best reader, I’ve always struggled with the many distractions around me and find it very difficult to concentrate for long periods of time.

This is potentially very unsettling as I’m always finding other things that I think I should be doing, whether it’s work or sorting things in the home or mundane tasks such as laundry. (not so mundane now, which I reveal why later in this post)

I tend to flit from one thing to the next with no real regard for what I’m doing, like a lot of people I just want to get things done. Even on a recent holiday everyone was engrossed in their books, I had bought three books with me and didn’t get past the first chapter of even one book.

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The Mindful Home is not a book about interior design as such, nor is it written by an interior designer. The front reads: “The secrets to making your home a place of harmony, beauty, wisdom and true happiness”.

To start the book Dr Craig and Deirdre Hassed explain their angle on the topic, “our home is not grand, and we have not learnt anything about interior design or spent significant amounts of money decorating it” They had me at “We have simply taken care to create a space we feel at home in and that we enjoy living in”.

They then move onto a contemplation exercise that you can do as you wander around your home. I found this extremely helpful as it requires you to write a list of what you see your ideal home embodying. Not in terms of colour, layout or style but more about what you would like your home to bring out in you and the people that visit. How do you want your home to make you feel?

My list was very long indeed, here it is just for you: happy, calm, stable, loved, fun, joyful, emotional, peaceful, knowledgeable, focussed, passionate, warm, comforting, nurturing, safe, relaxing, clean, fresh, organised, designed, natural, inspired, artistic, fragrant, creative and beautiful. I admit it did begin to sound rather like a dating profile.

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The book then asks you to make a list of how your home actually feels, this is the “oh” point, where you realise that maybe your home isn’t giving you all that you want. It’s not disappointing, just enlightening and encourages you to begin making those changes.

“potentially a home is a place where we can be at peace or come to rest, where we can be ourselves, where we feel safe, where we belong, where we are free of constraints and demands of daily life.”

This overall philosophy has been a huge part of my thinking on interior design and the service that I provide. You may feel slightly bombarded with the term mindfulness at the moment, but it is such an important way of living.

Each task that you undertake in your home should be mindful, whether it’s washing up or doing your laundry, there is actually a way to take pleasure in these activities and create a sort of stillness in yourself. Mindfulness requires discipline and I have often found myself forgetting to be mindful and trying to do too many things at once; inevitably ending up on the sofa doing nothing.

bathroom, interior design, mindful

The Mindful Home also talks about each sense and how you can either be affected by your surroundings, or choose to live in a way that works for your individual senses.

The choice is there for us to live in our homes in the exact way we want to. This book provides enlightening tools for your home, which will help you to engage with your environment in a way you may not have experienced before.

Get your copy here- The Mindful Home

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My guide to entertaining at home

November 5, 2015

As the nights draw in and the chill of the evenings starts to get at your extremities, you can begin to feel more inclined to stay indoors and snuggle up. There’s no bad thing about staying in, it’s way cheaper, besides you control the atmosphere, music and company.

dining, dinner party, dinner party tips, interior design

One way to keep the social life alive is to host dinner parties or small gatherings at home. There is a certain art to ensuring your guests feel special and welcome, whilst you’re able to relax and fully enjoy their company.
Based on experience of hosting and being invited to social occasions I’ve come up with some tips on how to be the perfect host.
My main aim when inviting friends over is to catch up properly with them in a comfortable, relaxed and happy environment with everything we might need on tap.


1.Organise your menu
and buy all of the ingredients the night before, if there is any cooking preperaiton you can do the night before too, do it. Make sure you’ve prepared sufficiently, noone wants to talk to you as you sweat over a stove and feel as though they have to ask if you need any help. You want your guests to feel like “I got this”.

2. Chill the drinks (and your boots)
and make sure you’ve got plenty of different glasses for water, wine and maybe even spirits. Sort up a mini area for cocktails with fresh limes etc. and a few beautiful bottles, Lots of ice too.
Always have a bottle of champagne on chill, there will inevitably be something to toast, even just the fact you’ve finally made it around the table together. Always have water on the table with freshly sliced cucumber and ice.

dining, dinner party, dinner party tips, interior design

3. Make sure your dishwasher is empty
or that you have a space in your kitchen to stack the dirty dishes tidily. Never, EVER do the washing up when your guests are still there! Unless you are some dishwasher loading ninja and you can secretly press the on button without anyone noticing.

4. Prepare the “powder room”
with a couple of candles, posh tissues, fresh hand towels and even some classical music, which can make even going to the loo a delightful experience.

powder room

5. Create a playlist
that will last the entire night, choose soft music that’s light, maybe even jazz….smoooooooth.

6. Check people’s food preferences
some people may have allergies or just really not like mushrooms (hello!) and may be too polite to say something. Invite a small group between 4-6 is ideal, you want the evening to still feel intimate.


7. Layer the lighting
with lots of candles on the table and all around your home, they will give a gorgeous flattering glow to the faces of your guests. Ensure the rest of your home is very tidy and the lighting is low and relaxed. (a few more tips on delightful dining)

8. On arrival the golden rule is
to ensure that your guest has a drink in their hand and their coats taken from them. Let them snoop around your home as you overload them with pure whit and charm.

drink, cocktail

9. Light nibbles on arrival
I’m talking homemade dips where possible and some posh breadsticks, arrange them on interesting plates to brighten up your overall scheme and add a bit of fun.

10. Warm the plates
this will avoid that cold end to a meal and allow your guests to take their time enjoying the food, without fear of it getting cold. Quite simple really.

scandi design, interior design

11. For dessert allow for sweet and savoury
you know what I’m talking about, cheese, oodles of the creamy, crumbly, all forms of cheesy goodness.  A sweet dessert isn’t always the ideal for everyone, so give people choice. Ensure your coffee station is set up too.

12. At the end of the meal leave nibbles out
as completely clearing the table can ruin the atmosphere, even a few bowls of nuts can be nice.

If you follow these guidelines I can assure you will have a brilliant, relaxed evening. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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It’s the small things

October 7, 2015

Are you on a super tight budget and in need of a quick home refresh? Well you’ve come to the right place monsieurs et madames.

It’s all about the small, subtle additions and sometimes the omissions that will make your home feel instantly refreshed. See this as your to-do list for the impending colder months ahead; it’s snuggle time and you’ll be wanting to make the most of your home.


Scented candles
A selection of candles which can be grouped on a tray on your coffee table or placed around the home in places such as bedside tables, bathroom and dining table. It’s quite amazing how the subtle light from candles and the scents can really transform a space.

candles, tray, interior design, home, snug

Book and magazine stacks
These offer constant inspiration and visual treats. Focus on getting some short stories or books that have inspiring nuggets of information to enhance your day. It’s wonderful how a short story can relax you and take your mind away to another world, if only for a few minutes.

living room, magazine stack, home, interiors

Give your darling green friends a much needed prune and remove any dead leaves, and it’s always a good idea to top up the soil with some decent compost to refresh the top layer as well. If you don’t have any plants, why? Get yourself to your local plant shop and purchase a selection immediately. If you’re a lazy waterer like myself then buy succulents, you never need to water them as they absorb any moisture they need from the air in your home.

plants, marble, interiors

Cushion covers
A seriously quick fix for your living room is to buy some new cushion covers; much like fashion accessories you can change them with the seasons and they’re so affordable too. There are some decent cushion covers atYorkshire Linen and H&M .

living room, home, interiors, cushions

Bed linen
This isn’t a must, but if you want to change the look of your bedroom then get a new bed set. My favourite type of material at the moment is jersey material which is slightly stretchy and super soft. Cotton is great but can be a bit cold when you first get in, jersey seems to somehow hold in the warmth. The set I recently bought is from Savile Row.

bed, home, relax, snug, bed linen, jersey

Potions and lotions
A new bathroom set adds a decadent touch, I’m currently drawn to gold tops and white bases. Many years ago I worked for Penhaligons, their exquisite glass bottles are initially a little pricey but they can be topped up and re-used as more of a decorative element.

lotions, potions, bathroom

Now for the dosh part, I reckon you’ll probably only need to spend roughly between £50 – £100 to be comfortable – think of it as the essential winter coat for your home.


For this I’ll keep it simple, if there is a stack of magazines gathering dust, an ornament that you look at with a slight “meh” feeling or a tatty duvet cover, then get rid!

living room

Focussing room by room, take out everything that doesn’t immediately make you feel content and happy. If you feel that some things should come back into the room, place them in a box for a week. If you don’t miss the items then give them to charity, a friend or sell them, but whatever your decision, just ensure that whatever you decide to bring back in is placed considerately and with meaning.

Breakfast dining in white and gold

August 25, 2015

I have recently established myself as a white and gold fiend, it’s only just occurred to me how well the two melt together in a interior dream. Early on Saturday morning I got a little carried away with setting up my breakfast. I already had the lovely linen table cloth laid out and my fancy napkins, plus a gorgeous bunch of white roses that I bought…for myself.

breakfast, dining, gold, white, interiors, interior design

Bear in mind that I was to dine alone that sunny morning, but I set two places just in case Sunday followed the same pattern. I was lucky enough to inherit some very cute little saucers from my Granny. They’re part of a whole tea set, but used casually on top of an almost all white scheme gives it subtle sprinkle of colour.

interior design, white. goldI’m not entirely sure what came over me but a little photo shoot ensued that morning at 7am, possibly because I was alone in the flat and I have a license to be as weird as I want. All sorts of crockery had it’s airing, including these gorgeous ceramic salt and pepper shakers I recently received, but had been too scared to place on the table, in case of breakage. Turns out they’re pretty hardcore but look and feel super dainty, you could almost use them as large napkin rings.

salt and pepper

I promise you I did consume some actual breakfast that morning. The golden pineapple, although not edible, has made it’s way from my desk, to my coffee table, my bedside table to the dining table. Isn’t it cute? It’s a mini candle inside which is slightly scented.

roses, goldAs a comforting touch I always use my old knives and forks which are all differing in shape and size, collected from various antique shops, car boots and my lovely Mum.

I must admit that having these little precious things can make a normal breakfast turn into a very special one, even if you are eating alone, you’re worth it.

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Finding the perfect sofa

August 11, 2015

Buying a sofa is a rather large purchase and so should be considered carefully. Depending on your space you can either choose a design classic or a simple, functional sofa such as a corner for maximising lounging space. Alternatively if you have a good sofa there are ways to re-upholster and refresh, you can find tips here: 3 tips for renovating your old sofa

chesterfield sofa, chesterfield, british design, design, interior design, sofa, living room
A personal favourite of mine are the distinctive Chesterfields; they have to be one of the most classically British sofas, with their deeply buttoned backs and buttery soft leather.
Mixing such a classic with other overall styles works so well, for example you could have clean, white Scandinavian style decor or even rough up the textures with a few Bohemian throws.

grey sofa, interior design, grey, lounging, home

I would always advise that you invest in both your sofa and bed, they’re probably going to be the places that you rest in your home most. They should be stylish but most of all super comfy and whatever you spend, just remember that you can tart it up with throws and cushions.

interior design, relaxing, calm

Don’t ever buy a patterned sofa, keep it neutral where possible unless you have a large living space that the colour won’t impose on. Layer up your sofa in colder months; go for proper chunky cotton knits against soft delicate mohair and have some softer covers for your cushions so that you can adapt the style to a more cosy feel.

I hope that helps in some way, if you would like more advice on this topic or your living room in particular please do get in touch.

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The importance of being you

August 10, 2015

We all have times in our lives where we don’t quite feel ourselves, it could be from work pressures or just a general feeling of tension, or just because it’s Monday. That’s why it’s incredibly important that your home is the sanctuary that you can go to when you’re not feeling your best.

This sanctuary needs to reflect who you are, what you feel and who you aim to be every day. It could be that you always wanted to write or paint, read more or meditate. Here’s how you can encourage those behaviours to become part of your everyday.


How often have you finished a day at work only to dread the gym visit or that run you promised yourself you would go on? Sometimes even forgoing the activity altogether in order to crash on the sofa with comfort food.

interior design, relaxing, calm

In order to make sure that your life is led as you want it to each day, you need to lay out the plan within your home. For example by placing your yoga mat in the corner of the living room, not only will it be accessible but there will be a little reminder for you to do even just 5 minutes each morning or evening. Small things like leaving a bowl of fresh lemons near the kettle will remind you to have a cleansing tea, it’s all about placement.

bedside, interior design, relaxation

On your desk or bedside table lay out your favourite books, special pens, sketch book, journal – whatever it may be that you love and feel you’re not getting enough of. Then allow yourself 10 minutes of this activity each day; reading a chapter of your book, drawing a 10 minute sketch, writing down your thoughts for the day, a positive affirmation or simply meditation.

chanel, candles, books, interior design

Keep your house as tidy, clean and organised as possible so that you don’t have to deal with mess at the end of a long day. Keep a stack or basket of cosy blankets and throws in your living room, so that you can be extra comfortable when you want to properly relax. Placing scented candles and a few plants around your home will aid the feeling of homeliness – the candles will help create a calming environment and the plants provide you with much needed oxygen.

plants, interior design, interiors

Being you sometimes isn’t so easy, you can be consumed with other tasks or even people, so make sure you take that time each day to relax and do something you love in a place that is home.

As my friend over at What is a boy to do says – “do you”.

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EDIT in The World of Interiors

August 6, 2015

EDIT is doing the rounds this month and is also featured in the September issue of The World of Interiors.

TWOIAgain, I am very pleased to be associated with an exceptional magazine.

Please do get in touch with me if you would like to learn more about my interior design services, or you can read all about it here: About Interior Therapy.

EDIT in Vogue

August 5, 2015

I am SO pleased to announce that Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy (EDIT) is featured in the September 2015 issue of Vogue!

I am ecstatic to be approached by and associated with such a prestigious brand whilst getting my interior therapy message out to the masses.




This is what Vogue had to say about me:

“Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy (EDIT) offers a tailored design service to suit your own personal taste and requirements. Elizabeth has a particular focus on well-being, mental and physical health with regards to the styling of your home. She bases designs on your own personal style; including past treasures and things from your present, creating a wonderful environment for your future.”


Vogue, Interior Design, Interior therapy, Interiors


So it turns out EDIT is “In Vogue” darlings.

A big thank-you to all of my readers for your continuing support, I couldn’t have done it without you.


Over to you

July 10, 2015

After many years of interior design experience and extensive research into the link between mental health and our environment, putting into practice what I’ve learnt has always been the most revealing and exciting part of what I do.

interior design, living room, design, home

As much as I enjoy writing about the things I think you’d like answers to, I’d love to focus on topics that really matter to you. So its over to you!

Is there something you’d like answers to or an interior design topic that would interest you? Please post a comment or get in touch by email and I’ll choose some topics to write about for you.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend.

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Spring Clean Part 5: Office

July 1, 2015

I have written previous posts about how to set up the perfect home office and how it can be created to ensure an inspiring atmosphere. I tend to find I stray from my desk to the dining table where I can see the TV and be distracted by various duties that I must do then and there, such as water the plants, put on a wash… the possibilities are endless.

office design, interiors, interior design, white, grey

When I finally discipline myself to sit at my desk I do actually get things done so much quicker, the only distraction I have is the view out of the window and our 12 pet pigeons, who tend to fight or mate, I’ve seen it enough times. I’ve broken up fights on my window sills and stopped pesky big chested males circling the poor lady pigeons. What can I say, I do my bit for the bird community.

office design, interiors, interior design, white, grey

My current office set up is a small extendable dining table which I found in Shabitat in Brighton many moons ago, I still love it dearly and it has hosted many a dinner party.
My seating is an old church chair (from the Brompton Oratory Church) with a sheepskin rug thrown over, super casually, it looks so darn good and is very comfortable indeed.
The light is a laser cut wooden giant bulb which can be either laid on it’s side or put upright. I’ve loved this lamp for many years as it gives out a waffled effect that is both calming and interesting.

office design, interiors, interior design, cork

This is where it gets a bit ca-ra-zy – I have loads of paints, canvases, books, stationery and many other bits and bobs that I am not willing to part with. I also have the boring paperwork that I have tp keep, but that’s alright as I have some nice white box files. All of the little bits are organised into little drawers and for once I actually now know where everything is. Ask me where the RSVP stamp is, I dare you.

office design, interiors, interior design, white, grey

The main advice I can give you here with your office is to make it work for how you feel most comfortable working. They say clear desk clear mind, but there is now evidence that a messy environment can aid creativity; this makes sense especially if you’re painting or brainstorming as you don’t want to feel restricted.

office design, interiors, interior design, white,

At the end of each day ensure that you shut down and tidy away where possible so that you feel physically and mentally free for the evening. In terms of spring cleaning this should be a daily exercise where you recycle old papers (scan them if you can just store an electronic copy) and clean out drawers of things you know you’ll never need again.

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Spring Clean Part 4: Bathroom

June 29, 2015

I have been given the grace of the British weather by being able to pretend that it is still currently spring and therefore I can squeeze in the two final parts of my Spring clean series! In your face seasons. Though I do write this from the villa poolside of a much needed holiday in Menorca, so I actually have no idea what the weather is like but lets just act like it’s spring. (though since posting this I’ve realised we’re having a heat wave, better get cracking!)

Round bathroom mirror

So onto the bathroom we go and it is quite the disgrace; hoards of teeny bottles I’ve nabbed from various hotels knowing full well that my stock is up and that I can’t possibly squeeze anymore into my bulging cupboards and drawers.

Here’s where I get particularly ruthless and with a penchant for mini things I have to be tough. Gone are the 4 year old lip balms, I counted 10… all different varieties mind you for different lip softness levels, I presume?


The one thing that I cannot bear to part with is the New York Waldorf Astoria hotel shower cap that I pinched from the bathroom whilst on a university trip all the way back in 2005, the trip that introduced me to a city more mad than London.

Silly as this may seem to hold onto such ridiculous items, the memories attached are too fun. Maybe I’ll box frame it one day, but lets just say I won’t be crying over a shower cap if we have a fire.


As always, I digress. Onto helping you sort out your bathrooms.

Beginning with the drawers is best, tip absolutely everything out and only put back in what you have used in the last month, possibly waxing strips (shudder) and such like. Throw away all free miniatures (if I did it then so can you) bar one set that you can take away with you. But be honest with yourself, where do you normally go that doesn’t have shower gel, shampoo etc.? Enjoy that stuff while you’re there, live in the moment and “hashtag” be present. Now slide those drawers back in with a satisfied smile.

Where possible only keep things out of cupboards and drawers that you absolutely need on a daily basis.

black and white

To organize the innards of my cupboard I bought some cute stripey baskets from Tiger (I couldn’t be happier that a store has opened in Angel!). Within these little treat boxes I have cotton wool pads, in different sizes, cotton buds, special creams, potions and lotions. It gives the illusion that you’re working in a spa as your very own beautician.

Once you’ve organised these bits you can move onto the overall scheme of your bathroom. The essential items that make a relaxing bathroom are a thick cosy bath mat, egyptian cotton towels, a few plants (they love the moisture) and some candles.


I like to have something to look at whilst in the bath or sat somewhere else I won’t mention, so I choose pieces of art or photography that I can gaze at. I currently have a Bill Brandt nude which I’ve had up in various rooms since I visited the exhibition at the V&A in 2004. I also have a cheeky little framed card from Oliver Bonas behind the loo which hopefully gives some people a chuckle – mainly boys.

Cleaning products should stay under the kitchen sink, no-one needs to see that, plus you don’t want to ruin your beauty cupboard with a big bottle’o’Cif now do you?

interior design, interiors, blogs, home, bathrooms

If you would like more information on simplifying your home and getting the most out of your space, do get in touch via my about & services page.

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Elle Decoration at CDW #beoriginal

May 31, 2015

During Clerkenwell Design Week, I squeezed myself into a room in the Farmiloe building to listen to a talk with an interesting panel, including Editor-in-Chief Michelle Ogundehin who chaired the panel, Patrizia Moroso of Italian brand Moroso, designer Nipa Doshi of duo Doshi Levien and Pip Prinsloo, Design Director of John Lewis. After the talk I wandered around the furniture, lighting and art. There were many different inspirational designs, some the same as last year (slightly disappointing) but quite a few new designers and pieces which was exciting. The images in this post are a selection of my favourites.

cdw, design, interior design, lighting, lights

Michelle began by speaking with Patrizia about originality in design. Patrizia spoke a great deal about her team; she said that she treats designers as artists and acts as a curator of their work, she also give them total freedom with their design ideas, without restrictions. This enables her team to do a good job whilst also encouraging them to work together collaboratively.

bulbs, interior design, lighting

Design Director, Pip spoke of their customers and the fact that John Lewis aim to appeal to a range of different styles and budgets. There may be customers who prefer a country style while others lean more towards industrial and these different styles need to be catered for.

art, cdw, interior design

Pip also spoke of how John Lewis’s stores are becoming more theatrical with moving images and home set ups which create context for the buyer. I have always found that when advertising a single product whether it be in a magazine or showroom, it must have context to be appreciated. If you try to imagine that object in your home it really helps to have an example of how it might fit into an overall scheme, that you can then relate back to your personal style.

lighting, interior design

Nipa went on to say that British society allows you to absorb outside influences and is influenced by world design, compared to possibly more restrictive areas of the world where design is only influenced by the surrounding culture.

lighting, bar, gold, interior design

A couple of key notes that I managed to jot down from Patrizia’s expertise are:
“It’s important that you read the past not make the past, there is no sense in making vintage, you must re-think instead”
“Design is something that comes from the designer’s life and culture. Make your thing, something that comes from the inside”

Something that I’ve been waiting to hear for a while now is that trends are irrelevant, which was mentioned. I do believe that design and habitat should be based on the individual, not trends. Original design is based on logical and creative thinking, an enthusiasm for life and living.

outdoor furniture

Overall from this collaborative talk I managed to appreciate the different angles from designer, seller, writer and from my point of view as an interior designer. Seeing how the process works from the initial light bulb moment to the presentation of the finished article on the shop floor, makes you realise the originality and creativity that is required at each point.