Gratitude and creativity

August 16, 2016

sketching at EDIT

I’ve recently been getting back into sketching, oils and watercolours. It’s been almost a decade since I used watercolours and I’d forgotten how simple they are to use, with beautiful results.
With oils you build up layers, whereas with watercolours ... Read More...

Launch of the EDIT shop

August 5, 2016

Shopping with EDIT at

Today there is a reason for celebration, not only is the sun back out, but I’m launching the EDIT shop!

It has been a labour of true love and so much fun to curate.

Everything is chosen in the ...

Nature, design & bereavement

July 25, 2016

design, nature and bereavement -

Going to places where we feel most connected to the earth is therapeutic – somewhere we can walk, run, cry, talk and just be ourselves.

design, nature and bereavement -

A couple of years ago I designed the interior of a bereavement room for mothers ... Read More...

Tate Modern’s new Switch House

July 13, 2016

Tate Modern's new building- Switch House - London - written by Elizabeth Danon of EDIT

Last week I pootled along to the new building at the Tate Modern, named Switch House. I admit I did pretend I knew how to get in…but failed at styling out getting lost a few times. Advice – it’s through ... Read More...

A day without WiFi

June 14, 2016

A day without WiFi - being in the present at

Never have I thought a day like this would come.
The curvy bars at the bottom of my screen are none.
I could do without heating but not without internet.
I cannot tell you how many times I had to ... Read More...

4 simple tips for better sleep

June 2, 2016

Bedroom top tips for a better sleep -

To get to sleep each night isn’t easy for most of us. Sometimes I struggle to get to sleep for hours, only to realise that I’ve been scrolling through my phone, in bed, for an hour.. These sorts of habits ... Read More...


May 30, 2016

Coffee table styling at EDIT -

Throughout my years of research and varied interior design projects, I realised the questions I needed to ask my clients. These questions form the beginning of the interior design journey, before I’ve seen a space.


I recently realised I ...