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Thanks for joining me here – welcome to EDIT! My name is Elizabeth and I own EDIT (Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy – a place for clearing and styling.

This website and blog came about through my love of interiors, all the way back in 2008! Since studying Interior Architecture at The University of Brighton, I’ve felt the calling and passion for making spaces work for people.

I believe that the objects you surround yourself with and the environment you live in has a huge affect on your well-being, happiness, mental and physical health. Throughout the last decade I’ve researched this theory and put it into practice through my work.

I help my clients appreciate what they already have and create space, through my space clearing method (also known as decluttering) and then I design their space, through space styling, (also known as interior design) in a way that is unique to their lifestyle and personality. Through both of these processes, I also help people to sell their homes. Intrigued? you can find out more on my property styling website.

I enable people to develop their own personal style, creating a vision for their lives that progresses with them.

My mission is to clear and create spaces that enable people to live their best life, literally.

Everything generated from their new environment has the ability to create more joy, health, gratefulness, happiness, love, calmness, abundance and clarity.

From clearing out a heartbreaking piece of art to adding in a splash of rich colour in a once unused corner, I help people to do the things they didn’t think they could, or didn’t feel “allowed” to do.

I provide the support to allow people to really think about what it is they would like from their lives; what is their optimum existence? Then create a space to match and encourage those feelings and behaviours.

It’s OK to not realise what’s holding you back, most of us don’t. Sometimes it takes a keen creative eye with a ruthless, yet kind approach… (that’s me, incase you were wondering) to enable you to be present and at the same time move forwards with your ideal life.

If you’d like to see into my world a bit more, here’s a video exploring my process.
This includes sourcing, designing, styling and sessions with my clients.

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